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Lewis Bennett 26th March 2021

Housing is important, but we cannot afford to demolish recreational buildings solely for development and especially buildings of historical importance!

Robert Casey 15th March 2021

A great idea - this venue should be returned to being the historic gem that it is. My dear Gran used to go the 'HulmeHip' as a girl, it's important that it is saved for future generations.

Jesús Blanco Santos 14th March 2021

It is paramount that we fight for community spaces like the Hulme Hippo and Niamos Centre in the current times. The development of community bonds, soft skills, individual creativity and artistic capabilities are as important as academic education and other aspects in life. Sadly, spaces that provide this (like this one) are unfortunately not as favoured or regarded as important by our councils and government. This is a shame, and we must fight to save our spaces.

Nigel Green 12th March 2021

Keep up the good work, not from Manchester, but it would be such a shame to loose this building of history. We have lost three similar buildings in my local town, it will be too late when they have all gone!

David Eve 11th March 2021

Vital project to restore one of the UK's beautiful Music Halls. Memories of seeing it in bingo days, it still looks amazing. Good luck and pass on the link to everyone who feels like they can donate wherever in the world.

Mr Christopher E Davies 11th March 2021

I live in Shrewsbury but years ago lived in Manchester. For a year in early 1980s I was in Moss Side. I went to the Aaben cinema once. Great if you can be a theatre with some extras that could attract customers from a distance, eg theatre training. I will tell my niece who is very keen on drama.

George Nixon 10th March 2021

Hoping that this project is successful. I visited the Hulme Hippodrome many years ago when it was a BBC studio. Good Luck

Oliver L De-Vine 10th March 2021

Love this old theatre really hoping it stays in use as an arts space. Went to see a show here last yer and it's a fantastic venue if needing some serious TLC.

Janet Brown 10th March 2021

I have seen interesting and historic buildings allowed to fall into total disrepair in my area of Salford leading to demolition and feel very strongly that this is so wrong.

Let's make 'Save Hulme Hippo' happen

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