Save Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

by Kevin thorne in Christian Malford, England, United Kingdom

Save Helping Victims of Domestic Violence


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Time is running out to save this charity, we have until the 16th June to raise enough funds to continue. Please help a great charity.

by Kevin thorne in Christian Malford, England, United Kingdom

Our Time is running out to save this much need charity. without this charity lots of victims will return to the abuse as they will have nothing to start a new life.  "just as they have been told by the perpetrator"  We really need your help.  We are being evicted from our current storage and office so need to raise funds to move into another base for the charity.

Helping Victims of Domestic Violence was set up by me after suffering 16 years of rape and abuse as a child followed by 7 years of Domestic Violence. The charity was set up to help others to help them to become survivors and prevent them from returning to the perpetrators. Giving them the items they needed to change their lifes from clothes to fully furnishing their empty shell of a new home. Taking the families out for day trips while in refuge and supporting them with essential items they needed while in refuge. Alot of the families we have supported have walked in just the clothes they have on. 

They have left behind a world of pain and suffering. They have suffered from physical, financial, sexual, mental and emotional abuse. Some just one others all of them. Not just women but Male victims as well. The young and the old. We gave them the start they needed the items they needed to start again, the knowledge that there are people out there that do care. Empowering them to show they can manage on their own, they can make friends and most importantly that they deserve to live without being abused. Since the charity has been running 

we have helped over 6,500 individuals. And furnished 427 with household items. So thats alot of families that would have gone without. 

The charity grew and not only helped families but it also helped people to become volunteers. People who's lifes including my own that had been held back by PTSD , Agraphobia, Mental Health. It gave them the chance to make a difference and forget about the past it empowered them to work past their illness. 

On monday our current landlord decided that they would not renew our lease meaning that the charity would have no storage or an office to opperate out of. This would mean the end of the charity and the end to the much needed support that is so needed. So we need to try everything we can. Xx

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