Saved our cat gringo

Saved our cat  gringo

Help save gringo  our beloved family pet , he has had a tough little life and we can't bear to part with him yet

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our cat gringo was a rescue cat , we got him aged 1-2 years old , he was unfortunately hot by a car  just weeks after we took him home and suffered terrible injurys , his pelvis was smashed ,his tail was so badly damaged after weeks of dressings and care it needed to be amputated . Since then he has been the most wonderful cat and enjoys cuddles, playing with my dressing gown and sleeping on anything we put down that's soft ! He's very vocal and greets us with the loveliest meows after a day at work . 

Sadly gringo started suffering from a limp in his left leg this past few months , after vet visits and a few different treatments we decidedly try a new vet , this vet was alarmed at the size of his bladder and after blood tests and X-rays gringo's kidneys are in very bad shape , he's also lost all control of his back legs . Currently gringo is at pet hospital 30 mins away recieving IV fluids to try flush his kidneys and save him . The vet thinks his leg issue is a neurological problem and we have been quoted £4000 for tests  and treatment , I do not have this kind of money and it is killing me thinking we won't be able to bring our beloved family pet of 14 years home . Please help us raise the money to fix gringos problems and bring him home .