Save Edenbridge Piranhas Swimming Club

by Edenbridge Piranhas Swimming Club in Edenbridge, England, United Kingdom


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Our aim is to keep our swimming club running past the financial strain of Covid and inspire future health and happiness within our community

by Edenbridge Piranhas Swimming Club in Edenbridge, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Dream Big ..... with extra money we can

  • fund a campaign to increase swimmer numbers
  • further our competition gala opportunities for younger swimmers
  • Fund bursaries for local swimming families in need of our help
  • training and further qualifications for our coaches
  • ensure the long term financial stability of the club for future swimmers
  • expand our masters section of swimmers

1609761471_pool_and_logo.jpg2020 and Coronavirus has changed all our lives in different ways. Edenbridge swimming club is no different. We are a small, friendly inclusive club that provide a really important opportunity for local children and adults to train, swim and compete in this fabulous healthy, life skill sport. We know that Covid has been mentally tough for us all but financially it has put our small club under tremendous strain. It threatens the future of a swimming club for local children and adults. They rely on our club for training, their health, their mental well being, friendships, competition and confidence.

Please read on and help us to save our club, for the health and wellbeing benefits of the 100+ kids we currently train, and for the ones yet to come through our doors in the future. 

During the pandemic, our local leisure centre, our team members and committee have all stepped up to help us meet the extra costs that Covid has incurred. However, we need even m1609760971_img_4885.jpgore help to see out this extremely tough time and make sure we are still here for the community for the future. This money will help us to recover the extra costs incurred by having fewer swimmers per session. It will help cover the costs of more hours of pool hire that we need to pay to keep everyone swimming safely - especially in this stop again, start again climate we find ourselves.

We have spent time and resources on our website and social media to keep our swimmers inspired while they are out of water and to aid the logistics of managing reduced numbers per session more efficiently - all whist we have no swimmers in the water and no income.

Most importantly, when we can finally return to the sport we love,  we want to get out and inspire a new generation of swimmers to return or to take up this accessible, safe, clean and healthy sport. 

So, with so many worthy causes out there, why are we worth supporting.....?

The true essence of this swimming club is friendship and family. We are dwarfed in Kent by some of the biggest clubs in the country but for over 25 years we have proudly supported the local children and adults of our town. We have given every swimmer opportunities to grow in confidence and ability and to celebrate success in their goals, be they large or small. 

We have swimmers aged 7-70 years of age who ALL feel part of the team and everyone who chooses to can represent the club in galas and competition from age 8 upwards. 


Don't be fooled - we have swimmers that compete at the highest level on the County, Regional and National Stage - but these same swimmers are the ones walking alongside the pool at a gala shouting and encouraging an 8 year old to finish her first ever butterfly race, or are sitting with the younger swimmers helping them with their nerves at their first ever gala. This is unique to a small club like ours and something that we, as a swim family and as a community, should be very proud of. 

But don't believe me ... This is what our current members have to say about swimming at Piranhas.

"At Piranhas there1609761124_sienna_dominic.jpg are always people to encourage and inspire me and it's helped me stay positive through 2020" Eloise, Aged 10

"You make friends for life" Melissa, Aged 16

"Piranhas has improved my swimming so much and I made friends very quickly" Freddie, Aged 9

"Piranhas is not just a swimming club, it's like a family. Everyone is so nice and encouraging and I really missed it when I couldn't go" Chloe, Aged 10

" I really love having a regular place to exercise in a relaxed environment" Amelia, Aged 18

"Its really fun and I enjoy pushing myself" Rory, Aged 91609761912_img_4179.jpg

"Not only has my technique improved since starting with Piranhas but my confidence has increased too" Gisella, Aged 17

"I have really missed not being able to swim much this year and especially missed the galas. I have made lots of friends through Piranahas and I really enjoy the training sessions" Connor, Aged 11

" I love the supportive atmosphere and the fact the coaches are constantly helping you to improve and reach your potential" Tara, aged 17

" I like being part of a team and I feel good after the training sessions" Guy, Aged 8

"The team spirit is really great and everyone is so kind and supportive" Jemima, Aged 15

"I have been swimming with the club since I was 7 and taking part in club championships, galas, open meets and Kent County Championships has always been my favourite part of swimming. I enjoy being part of a team of really good friends" Aubry Aged 12

"It's a really nice environment and we know that everyone is there to support us" Bo aged 10

"I never realised how much I would really enjoy swimming until I joined Piranhas. Its now a major part of my fitness training and I really love the friendship, support and confidence it has given me both in my swimming and other sports" Ella aged 13

"As well as giving us excellent swimming training it's lots of fun and the coaches and swimmers are all so kind" Hannah aged 13

Our Coaches have worked so hard to keep the swimmers engaged through 2020/21 running land training exercises via links from their lounge rooms, keeping in touch and working so hard to keep us safe when we were finally allowed back in the water. 

We are proud of what we do in the local community making swimming an accessible and club sport that is friendly and inclusive for all. 

Please help us to continue this for the health and well being benefits of the 100+ kids we currently train and the ones yet to come through our doors in the future. 


Let's make 'Save Edenbridge Piranhas Swimming Club' happen

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