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by Matt Sprooles in Newport, England, United Kingdom

Save Comicoffee


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To raise money via pre-orders and purchased rewards to ensure Comicoffee survives Covid-19 now and in the near future.

by Matt Sprooles in Newport, England, United Kingdom

Years of planning and saving, followed by months of building seen us open the doors to Comicoffee in Newport on the Isle of Wight back in June 2018.

Nearly 2 years on, we see crisis like many other Hospitality businesses. We want to ensure that the Community that so many of you have helped create, survives Covid-19 and its repercussions.

Like so many businesses around the world, the years of blood, sweat, and tears have been wiped out nearly overnight by the current Covid-19 pandemic. 

The community hub that we have at Comicoffee is something that we want to enjoy with you all again in the near future. 

We want to ensure that all of our incredible Team at Comicoffee have their jobs to return to, as they have put so much into creating the 'welcoming all vibe' we have at Comicoffee, which makes it such a special place, not just a Coffee House, but for everyone to enjoy.

Its 'Our Happy Place' and WE want it to continue to be 'Your Happy Place' over the difficult times we all stand to face, but face them together.

We have hope...

We've had so many lovely messages and support! It helps keep us very motivated and determined to get through this.

And we are so pleased that we can put each of our amazing Team Comicoffee onto the furlough scheme and remain a team.

But we need to save Comicoffee for our incredible team to have their jobs to come back to and for our community to continue to enjoy.

Despite our continual work to access support through the local councils and support networks, we aren't entitled to any support under the government's self-employed scheme. Hence why we started offering a small takeaway service, to try and create a small amount of income to pay some of the mounting bills.

Even when we can re-open, we face many challenges with reduced footfall and income due to ongoing social distancing; our Coffee House being cosy will pose further financial challenges in the longer term.

We want to bring or team out of furlough and back to our Coffee House to look after you all as soon as we are safe and able to.


Asking for help isn't easy for us at Comicoffee, we are reaching out to our beloved community to help us.

We need to raise a minimum of £10,000. This is what we will need to pay our overheads, tax and supplier debts just to survive the shutdown in the short to medium term.

We don't want something for nothing from you, so we have put together a range of great rewards ready for when we fully re-open our doors, suited for a range of budgets and some totally exclusive offerings.

Please pledge what you can and choose as many options as you like. We know it's hard times for many people out there. Every little bit is hugely appreciated and goes a long way.

There are 3 ways you can support us

We have put together a range of great rewards, suited for a range of budgets, including some really fun exclusive offerings and based upon three ways to give.

1. Buy Now – You Enjoy Later

  • Pay for something now to help us get through this and enjoy it when we fully re-open. 
  • You’ll notice that we are charging a little bit more than usual, that’s so that we can pay more from what you give us into our fighting fund.

2. Pay It Forward – Key Workers

  • We owe a huge debt of gratitude to so many real life heroes.
  • We have included pledges where you can gift; Coffee, Doughnuts, Milkshakes, Teas and Cake to front-line and key workers once we fully reopen so that you can continue to thank those who made a difference during lock down. 

3. Donations 

  • The future is very uncertain, but will it will undoubtedly require us to evolve and adjust what we do. With minimal income to make these adjustments, this will be nearly impossible. To help us do this, we have included a donation option so that we can build a fighting fund for Comicoffee.

Match funding – The Solent LEP

The great news is that the first £5000 of money you pledge will be match-funded by the Solent LEP though their “Pay it Forward” scheme which can be accessed here:

The Real Comicoffee Superheroes - Recognising Your Pledge...

To recognise those who have been able to help us, be it financially or through practical support and ideas, we will be placing names on our new range of merchandise and recognised as the 'The Real Comicoffee Superheroes'; a lasting thank you to those who have helped us on our 'Wall of Fame' that will be positioned within the Coffee House. All names will also be placed on our website and social media accounts also.

From the bottom of our hearts...Thank you xXx

Stay safe and take care.

Big Love 

Team Comicoffee xXx

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