Save Coed Phoenix Nature Reserve

Coed Phoenix Nature reserve is a nature reserve that has worked with volunteers for ten years and is now home to lots of important wildlife

We did it!

On 12th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £3,523 with 43 supporters in 56 days

Who we are?

Green Phoenix is a constituted 'not for profit' organisation and it's flagship project is 'Coed Phoenix Nature reserve' a woodland nature reserve on the edge of the Cambrian mountains in Ceredigion,Wales. Please take a look at our website at and our facebook page at for lots of information and photos of the project and it's history.

What we have achieved so far?

With help from more than 200 volunteers over ten years we have transformed a non native plantation site into a fantastic mosaic of wildlife habitats. The site that offered very little opportunity for wildlife now provides habitats, homes and food for many important species such as Water Voles, Hedghogs, Otters, dozens of species of Dragonfly, and hundreds of other species.

We have published a field guide to several hundred species found at Coed Phoenix and in the surrounding area and launched a species recording programme for the area surrounding the reserve. Working with more than two dozen other sites with 1km of Coed Phoenix we recorded and carried out ecological surveys to understand a more accurate picture of wildlife in the area especially where these were species that are of concern (such as BAP, S42 and other priority species).

As well as the huge environmental benefits of the project, hundreds of individuals and dozens of groups have benefited from wildlife workshops, educational trips, social gatherings and the health benefits that go hand in hand with physical work and being out in the clean country air that we are so lucky to have.

Why do we need your help?

Recent changes to the way environmental projects are funded in Wales means that our key funding partner 'Environment Wales' can no longer support any of its projects financially.

We aimed to complete the transformation of the site by this stage but after removing more than 6000 non native trees and planting more than 3000 native broadleaf trees we are still 5 years away from completing the job. Further management of non native trees is needed as well as work to protect existing areas of new plantings, maintenence of boardwalks and routes and the costs of paying for tools, fuel and the renewal of safety clothing.

At the heart of the project is the need for the continued role of a site warden and project manager who has for ten years been looking after everything from admin, promotion, tree felling, running the on site luxury camping business and ecological monitoring. Scott Roe, the owner of the site, has been in this voluntary role after setting up the project in the beginning and hopes to continue and finish what he started. Scott has never taken a salary over the past ten years whilst running this and other not for profit ecological projects.

Running a not for profit project for a decade has unsurprisingly taken a huge toll on finances and that alongside the loss of the Environment Wales funding group is why we are now launching this attempt at crowdfunding the needed funds. 5 years more is all we need to complete this transformation to an amazing nature reserve that would go on to serve hundreds of species for generations to come. This funding is absolutely crucial to the extend that without it our only option is to sell the nature reserve. Should we fall short of the target we will sell a proportion of the land according to the amount that we have raised and the remainder of the site will be managed as  'Coed Phoenix Nature Reserve'.

What will the raised funds be spent on?

We need to cover many general background costs such as insurance, tools maintenance, purchasing new protectuve clothing when needed, fuel and food costs for volunteers, materials such as timber, paint and fixings. Administration costs are kept to a minimum with all Green Phoenix activities but postage, promotional materials and the sending out of newsletters all add up too. Central to the project has been the role of project leader Scott Roe who has managed the project since purchasing the site 10 years ago, he would be paid £13'648 per year for the five year period to complete the transformation of the site.

Scott has handled all aspects of administration, physical land management duties, organising and teaching volunteers, carrying out ecological surveys and implementing and writing site management plans. Green Phoenix has a strict constitution that protects the project against improper use of funds and activities and this consitution has been the cornerstone of everything that Green Phoenix has achieved over the last decade.

In addition to this, third party contractors would be brought in if needed, to carry out either very complex work or work that is beyond the means of the project manager and/or volunteers. Examples of this 3rd party work are: Machine works, large amounts of heavy duty fencing works and the felling of difficult or very large trees.

Green Phoenix also benefits from the following policies:

Child protection, Vunerable persons, Welsh language, Health and Safety,Equal Opportunities and of course an environmental policy.


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