Save Cafe Provencal

Save Cafe Provencal

To raise enough funds to recover from the Thames Water flood and avoid closing.

We did it!

On 11th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £9,085 with 172 supporters in 56 days

Project aim

To raise enough funds to recover from the Thames Water flood and avoid imminent closure.

About the project

Two years ago, a burst Thames Water pipe devastated our business and the whole of Half Moon Lane.

We were underinsured by 50%.  To re-open and keep paying our staff, we had to beg, borrow and (not) steal. Times were impossibly hard. 

When our insurance payment did come through, not only was it 50% below what the restoration cost us, but of the sum provided, 7% went straight to the loss assessor; £11,000 went straight to our insurer's appointined clean up team (although we were assured Thames Water would pay for them); and a huge chunk went towards storage fees for a year while we worked to recover our devastated cafe - for all this time we were having to service hefty credit card payments wracked up from the flood, and still having to pay our suppliers and business operating fees whilst closed.

After a year of incredible hard work by the team, we are now open again and businesses is doing well.  We love our customers and our customers love us. But we are on our knees and on the verge of closing - purely and simply because of the debts we still face due to the floods.   

We have re-opened a fantastic business after the flood, and work around the clock to make it excellent  But as any new business knows, it is impossible to succeed if you are starting in the red - and through no fault of your own. If we close, we will not be the first business put under by the flood - the beloverd Number 22 and Merry-Go-Round closed because they were crippled by similar losses from the flood. Other neighbouring businesses are on the brink.  We do not want to be next. 

The only way we can remain open, is if we clear our flood-related debt and get back to where we were before Thames Water burst its pipe.

Please help save one of Herne Hill's most-loved landmark cafes - we've been here for twenty years, survived two floods, one fire and Margaret Thatcher, and it breaks our hearts to throw in the towel.


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