Save Brixton Cycles - London's #1 bike shop!

Brixton Cycles' future is under threat, due to the demolition of our premises. Help us fund a new home & stay in Brixton - where we belong!

We did it!

On 25th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £62,095 of £40,000 target with 1485 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

WOW! Thank you to everyone who has supported the campaign so far!

While our initial target will help us move to our new home, we still need to kit it out, not to mention paying rent & salaries while we get set up.

Further funding will help us get off to the best possible start and increase our sustainability for the future, so if you are yet to pledge, we still need you!

Better still, if we hit £60,000 our resident hillbilly, Jim, has vowed to shave off his beard (which he's been growing for 10 years!!) It's going to be #acloseshave to hit that target, but together we can #savebrixtoncycles - for good!

Project aim

Brixton Cycles has been a much-loved part of the Brixton community for more than 30 years. Now our future is under threat, due to the demolition of our premises! To #savebrixtoncycles, we need your help funding the cost of a new home. Help Brixton Cycles stay in Brixton: where we belong!



About the project

Brixton Cycles is more than just a bike shop. We're London's oldest worker-owned bike coop and an integrated part of the Brixton community. For 32 years we've been serving the cyclists of South London, supporting them to live a healthy, eco-conscious lifestyle, as well as encouraging young people in the local area onto two wheels, lending them tools for free.

Unfortunately, in January we have to leave our current premises as it's being converted into luxury flats as part of the gentrification of the area. We've played a key role in the development of this community over the last 32 years and now we're being excluded from the next chapter of it's story!

We estimate the cost of moving as between £120-£150,000, including renovating a new space to fit our needs. As a coop, this is money we just don't have. That's why we're asking for your help to cover some of these costs, to help us #savebrixtoncycles!



The rewards 

No matter how much you can afford to pledge, we've got some great rewards for you! Of course saving Brixton Cycles will be reward enough, but we're excited to offer our supporters some special treats to thank you for being ace!

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Frequently asked questions

1) Why do you have to move?

Our 15-year lease was due to come to an end in mid-to-late 2016. We would have liked to stay in our current location, next to Stockwell Skatepark, but the landlord has submitted plans to convert our building into luxury flats. We were offered the option to move to a temporary property while the work took place, but this was unsuitable for our needs. If we did move back to our current premises once the development is complete, the rent would be more than three times what it is currently, which is more than we can afford. We'd also have to pay to move twice!

2) When do you have to move?

We have to vacate our current premises by 31 January 2016, so the development work can begin. So long as we are out by this date, the landlord will pay us an agreed settlement fee, to account for the early termination of our lease. However, unfortunately this fee is not enough to cover our moving costs and we will not receive the money until after we have moved out. This has left us with a funding shortfall to cover the cost of finding, renovating and moving into a new space.

3) How much do you need to raise?

The estimated total cost of moving is between £120-150,000 and a lot of this money will be required before we receive the settlement fee. We need to raise at least £40,000 for the crowdfunding campaign to succeed, as if we don't hit that target, everyone will get their money back. If we can raise more than that through the crowdfunding campaign, it will help us even more as we navigate this transition and will allow us to ensure our new shop is even bigger and better!

4) Have you found a new home for Brixton Cycles?

We have found a new space that we're very interested in and we've agreed a deal in principle. We're yet to sign anything, but fingers crossed we're not far off! Even if this space doesn't work out, once we have the funds from the crowdfunding campaign, it will put us in a stronger position to slam down a deposit when the right place does come up!

If you have any other questions, drop us a line at:


Meet the team

As a cooperative, every member of our team has a stake in the business and we all have an equal voice in the way that it's run. No-one is the boss and no team member is too big or too small to have an impact. (Although Nigel can be a bit attention-seeking!)



Lincoln - worked for Brixton Cycles for 26 years.

Maggie - worked for Brixton Cycles for 6 years.

Emilie - worked for Brixton Cycles for 1 year.

Georgina - worked for Brixton Cycles for 3 years.

John - worked for Brixton Cycles for 13 years.

Nigel - worked for Brixton Cycles for 11 years

Jim - worked for Brixton Cycles for 6 years.

Terry - worked for Brixton Cycles for 3 years.

Junior - worked for Brixton Cycles for 2 years.

Beck - worked for Brixton Cycles for 2 years.

Kath - worked for Brixton Cycles for 20 years

G-K - worked for Brixton Cycles for 1/2 year.


To find out more about Brixton Cycles, visit our website:

You can get in touch with the team on, 020 7733 6055 or come and see us at 145 Stockwell Road, London!



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