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We aim to buy Bonds Meadow from the National Trust for the community & save it from being sold for housing and to stop woodland destruction.

by Save Bonds Meadow Bovey Tracey in Bovey Tracey, England, United Kingdom


Dear Supporter

We heard on Friday 18th June that the National Trust have accepted an offer from Rule Five Land - a housing developer who have already had involvement in the Challabrook development in Bovey Tracey.

We are devastated.

The trust keep telling us that the capital receipt will be used to enhance the Parke Estate - that's the only place they're allowed to spend it under the terms of Major Hole's will.

The Parke Estate is largely self-funding.  It receives rent from at least three tenants and charges for car parking.  

No amount of money spent at Parke will make up for the loss of 3 acres of wildlife rich woodland.

Many of you have contacted us and said that they would like us to keep their donation to fight any forthcoming legal battles (of which there will be).  Thank you.

We're obliged to return all donations under the Crowdfunder terms and conditions and will do so in due course.   

Meanwhile, please bear with us. We would like a few days to note all of your wonderful comments and we also want to ensure we have explored every possible option.  You have all been so generous and supportive and we so desperatley need to do all we can to save this wildlife haven.

If you can write to the National Trust, Rule Five Land and the local planning authority on our behalf then please do so.  

The dormice, newts, bats, butterflies, bees and trees are still there for now - let's fight on their behalf and for the future of our environment.


Sally Morgan

On behalf of the Save Bonds Meadow Group


Our story

Local farmer Major Hole, a life-long resident of the town of Bovey Tracey in Devon, left 3 acres of re-naturalised woodland in his will to the National Trust for the benefit of the people of Bovey Tracey.  

This nature rich plot of land has had recorded over 700 species of flora and fauna, including bats, newts and dormice and is a much-loved quiet corner of the town, behind Bullands Field (the rugby field).  

We want to make sure that this area remains a town asset for everyone one of us to enjoy, forever. We want to make sure that the mature trees that grace the land are not cut down.

The National Trust, who were bequeathed this land, wish to sell it to the highest bidder - more than likely for housing.  We want to save it.

Given that the town has recently declared an environmental emergency, the urgency of tackling climate change and the National Trust’s public ethos, we are at a loss to understand their motivations.

Despite long and protracted attempts over the past few years by a cluster of local residents to try and engage with the Trust over the future and proposed management of the land, we have not been successful in encouraging them to engage with us, and recently they have given us an ultimatum: “Pay up by 15th June, or we sell this land”.  We are astounded that the National Trust, with the mission statement “We protect and care for places so people and nature can thrive. We look after the nation's countryside and green spaces, ensuring everyone benefits. We're the biggest conservation charity in Europe” are preparing to let this habitat be destroyed.

Please help our fight in any way you can – all pledges, however big or small, are sincerely appreciated. Our priority right now is to get this land off the open market and away from the National Trust.  We aim to set up an organisation to keep this land from ever being developed. Should we not be successful, or if an alternative solution is found to acquire the land, your donation will not be taken.   You can also help by:

·      Writing directly to the National Trust CEO at: [email protected] or the local agent responsible for liaison with us [email protected] - stating your objections

·      Write to the local MP Mel Stride

·      Any press or environmental contacts? Please let us know.

·      Funding or grant initiatives? Again, Please get in touch.

Who would have thought that we would have to try and save a valuable habitat from an organisation who's sole purpose is conservation?




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