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Further to our recent posts regarding the horrendous events on Monday 14th September, we wish to clarify a few details -a) to correct some i...

by Kitty Orme in Eaton, England, United Kingdom

Further to our recent posts regarding the horrendous events on Monday 14th September, we wish to clarify a few details -

a) to correct some inaccurate information published by the press,

b) to put our couples’ minds at rest if they have booked us for their future weddings

c) to respond to some negative comments.

We are devastated enough, nevermind having to read negative & upsetting posts from a few keyboard warriors.

BIRDIE  Camper van Photo Booth is the name of our award winning company & is named after our very first, fully restored VW – BIRDIE  - hence the name of the company.

We now provide a range of bespoke VW Camper vans & other related props & services for weddings and parties.

Our fleet of two VW camper vans - BIRDIE and PIXIE   - both photo booths, Herbie Beetle (used to raise over £3,000 for our local hospital during the Corona pandemic), Flossie, Babs, Betty & Bonnie 

Whilst taking part in a 1970’s beach themed photo shoot in Wales to promote ours & other businesses for future weddings, one of our beautiful pink camper vans  got stuck in the sand & engulfed by the sea along with our transporter & trailer.

All rules were followed including social distancing, risk assessment & tidal times.

Whilst moving to another site before the tide came in, the campers steering wheel locked, yet we were able to eventually load her onto the trailer. By this time another colleague helping us had become trapped in the sand and we used our tie down straps to help. She managed to get to safety but we ran out of time & the tide came in.

As a result both our vehicles were trapped as the tide rose above them, the camper (not strapped down as the straps had broken rescuing others) slipped off the trailer and bobbed against the rocks 

Bespoke  items, some made & provided by our industry colleagues & friends we submerged in water and some floated away and equipment and tools we use for the ‘BIRDIE’ business were destroyed 

With help from the Coastguards & Maritime professionals both vehicles were eventually recovered from the sea six hours later. 

As no doubt you can imagine, it was devastating to witness our beloved camper  & transporter  being engulfed by water.

We set up a Crowdfunding page, as we’ve had no income for the last 7 months, to help us donate to the Coastguard & repay/replace the many items supplied by our colleagues, some of which were damaged beyond repair.

Many of our personal props had been hand made & recycled, therefore, proving difficult to value & replace. Not only that, we have to consider the time & cost to restore our Camper van & replace items lost.

We have no intention of letting down any of our couples who have booked us in the future.

Our insurance company is unlikely to pay out the full value of what has been lost or for the time & labour to repair & restore the camper van and for props made especially for this shoot. 

The Crowdfunding organisation is aware of what we’re doing & have been very supportive of our plight. Throughout the corona virus pandemic they have been supporting other businesses too - of all shapes & sizes.

 My business partner, an experienced VW restorer with over 30 years experience & myself, have worked tirelessly over the past five years, restoring & building our fleet from scratch, many from scrap yards, to make our business a success & to provide an unforgettable wedding experience.

We would like to thank the Coastguards for rescuing our vehicles & those who have supported us thus far including past & future customers, our wedding industry colleagues, family & friends. We are extremely grateful and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

If anyone wants to donate, then please visit our Crowdfunding page below.

Hi everyone, 

Before you hear the news elsewhere I wanted to personally let you all know that yesterday ‘BIRDIE’ had a horrendous accident.
We were part of photo shoot to provide marketing material for ourselves and several other wedding industry friends in the floristry, bridal wear, styling, cake making, macrame, photography, stationary and hand painted jackets sectors to support each other during this horrendous time when we are still unable to be a part of weddings due to Covid

Together we had planned an amazing 1970s beach themed shoot which was rearranged due to Covid and took place yesterday in North Wales.
Whilst getting ready for our second part of the shoot ‘BIRDIE’ got stuck in the wet sand . We tried for several hours to rescue ‘BIRDIE’ from the rising tide but unfortunately her and the vehicle we were towing her out with were stranded until 1am this morning - until the tide went back out.

Everything had to be left behind  .... some sentimental pieces that were irreplaceable

Now on a sofa unable to sleep, in a house belonging to a lady who helped us on the beach, 100 miles from home, in the same wet clothes from this afternoon, wrapped in a blanket donated to us by a couple who also helped all they could ... and nothing to my name .... I write this ... as I don’t know what else I can do to try to save ‘BIRDIE’ the business and our livelihoods. 

We need your help - after having all our weddings and event work cancel or postpone this year and no income since March - we now have the devastation of yesterday afternoon events 

Along the way .. on this five year journey from nobodies to national winners, no knowledge of the wedding industry to hundreds of friends in the business who we’ve collaborated with and supported over the years, and from just my mum to thousands of followers - loving what we do ... we are asking for help in way possible.

The crowd funding will be used to rebuild the business and bring ‘BIRDIE’ back to life 

*To avoid confusion ‘BIRDIE’ is the the business name and both our pink camper vans are used under that name providing the same photo booth service 

Please share and help us in any way you can.


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