Save Bermuda Day in the UK

Save Bermuda Day in the UK

Help us to celebrate and share Bermuda's unique artistic culture of Gombeys, food & drink, music and more in the UK (London & Liverpool)

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Bermuda is a very unique British Island, mostly known as part of the infamous Bermuda Triangle. A triangle has 3-points (Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico) but Bermuda is only 22 square miles, and most of the world remain in the dark about the amazing culture that Bermudians are eager to share. 

It has been almost 10 years since the first Bermuda Day in London event was hosted with only a handful of attendees. We've managed to grow the event, welcoming thousands of people that love Bermuda or are curious about the British Islands of the Triangle. We introduced a family event in Liverpool 3 years ago, creating awesome platforms to educate, inspire and empower entire families with a taste of Bermuda. The Liverpool event is focused on Bermuda as part of the larger world, and its connection to England, Africa, Europe, Asia and Caribbean cultures. We invite individuals and performance groups to join in the celebration to facilitate opportunities for networking through vendors, workshops, performances, food & drink, and a genuinely positive environment for good laughs, good experiences, good memories and a good time!

As the Bermuda-inspired events grow, it is becoming more and more difficult to sustain the free events, so please help us to keep these unique annual initiatives going,  inspiring generations to learn more about Bermuda's artistic culture and how it fits within the greater world.