Save Dorothy from a dangerous life on the streets!

Save Dorothy from a dangerous life on the streets!

Dorothy is the perfect example of man’s best friend: good natured, playful and loving, please help us get her to the UK

We did it!

On 23rd Oct 2016 we successfully raised £130 with 4 supporters in 28 days

Introducing Dorothy (Baby Bear) 

Dorothy is the perfect example of man’s best friend: good natured, playful and loving. Yet despite this, she was dumped on the streets of Kalkan as a tiny puppy Found by tourists she was brought to a founder member of KAPSA, a charity helping all the street animals in Kalkan. She stayed in foster care for a few months but when a permanent home could not be found for her she had to learn to fend for herself on the streets where she has been for the last 3 years.

Despite the work of Kapsa and many animal loving locals, animals on the street can suffer danger and endure some hardships of street dog life. Yet this has not tarnished Dorathy’s incredibly sweet and gentle demeanour.


I had the pleasure of meeting Dorothy whilst staying in Kalkan. At first she was cautious and scared, tucking her tail between her legs and keeping her eyes on the floor but desperate for food, water and ultimately a home.

After showing her kindness, she grew more confident  and slowly over the 10 days she started to perk up, interacting with us more, wagging her tail and walking with her head held higher.

We are dog loving people. I myself have a husky called Diesel and my girlfriend’s family have recently adopted a Staffie from Battersea Dogs Home. Therefore we couldn’t imagine leaving such a beautiful soul behind in Kalkan, alone and unsure, with an uncertain future.

We took action as soon as we could to try and save Dorothy and bring her into a loving home. My friends in the Lake District very kindly offered to take her into their home and give her a chance of a happier, safer life.

With the help of KAPSA we have managed to get Dorothy to a local vet to start the process of getting her to the UK.

At the moment she is safe, but the costs of getting Dorothy into the UK have risen in the past year and I am asking for any help that is available to fly her to the UK safe and sound, anything over the target amount will be given to KAPSA the charity that made this all possible and who are continuously working to help dogs like Dorothy that are still out there.

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