Save Bats & their Habitats from Western Link Road

by Wild Wings Ecology in Norwich, England, United Kingdom



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Help fund an independent study to gather evidence for protection of rare bats and their woodland habitats from the Norwich Western Link road

by Wild Wings Ecology in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

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Roger Carter 14th June 2020

Roadbuilding causes more traffic and more destruction to already threatened wildlife. Evidence arrived at through the collecting of scientific data will make the case for the protection of threatened species. Bat detectors allow the evidence to be collected.

Naomi Condron 17th April 2020

Hi Lotty. Our staff get an annual charity allowance and Steve chose this great cause. Best of luck with it. See you at Braunston Church hopefully. All the best, John & Naomi Condron x

Paul Day 27th March 2020

All of these infrastructure projects treat wildlife and the environment as a bit of a nuiscance to their constructions, this cannot be allowed.

Robert Mackenzie 22nd March 2020

You have my full admiration for what you are doing to help these gentle creatures and draw our attention to the criminal destruction of nature happening on our doorstep. Maybe we could invite some MPs to join the survey?

William Taylor 22nd March 2020

This kind of low level corruption must be stopped. How can we even comment on others wrecking habitats- yes Brazil and Sumatra I'm talking to you when we are busy doing the same. See Amey in Sheffield v/s trees.

ro88ies 22nd March 2020

Good luck Lottie. Happy to volunteer my time this summer if you need some extra support. Just send me a FB chat message.

Sophia Hale-Sutton 21st March 2020

Shocked to read in the Guardian that the environmental impact report had been 'doctored' by consultants before being passed to Norfolk County Council to remove information about the threats to these bats of the proposed new stretch of the A47.

Martin Ilett 21st March 2020

The more I hear about the scheme the worse it sounds. I took part in the consultation last year and found it was steered towards a variation of the road scheme with no real alternative.

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