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The aim is to reduce food waste in homes, people forgot what food item they have at home, and to bring food to food donation points.

by mohammed Mayat in Blackburn, England, United Kingdom

Food waste is a problem which has always existed; a reduction in food waste is vitally important. The Government of United Kingdom (UK) have examined methods to tackle the issue regarding food wastage but have not met the target set to reduce food waste according to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP). The supermarket and food industry have explored methods to reduce food waste. One of the solutions is for supermarket have food donation point in the supermarket.

When research was conducted I found people do not bring food to donate as they do not which food people in the household will want, by creating a list of food people want to donate and reminding user to take food they want to donate when going to the supermarket will increase food donation and provide food to people who desperately need food.

Many households will throw food away if they have brought extra food. Therefore, it is crucial to purchase food that is necessary and allow consumers to monitor the products they have at home. The consumer can monitor food by checking ingredients at home, using ingredients and products that will go out of date first, only using the ingredients required, and planning the shopping list to buy food products needed. Households could donate food that they will not be using. It is important to donate food as 10% of adults, and 25% of parents are missing meals due to poverty. 

The Save All Food app which will be created, will aid in the reduction of household food waste, keep track of use-by date for food item’s use-by dates and where they have stored the food item, create shopping lists as a family and remind households to donate food when going to the supermarket. This will help combat food poverty and food wastage.

Let's make 'Save All Food' happen

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