Save a unicorn and end fossil fuel dependence.

by Douglas Edwards in Hove, East Sussex, England

Imagine paying 4 times UK energy prices for electricity! With your help our technology can end this tyranny.

by Douglas Edwards in Hove, East Sussex, England

We did it
On 5th January 2018 we successfully raised £190 with 3 supporters in 56 days


Would you like to help liberate 30 million people from the tyranny of high energy prices? 

Our innovation could do just that but we need your help. 

We recently bought the main parts of our turbo-pump.  They are on their way from China.  We could be showcasing two commercial scale turbo-pumps within the next 6 months.  

The implications of this demonstration will be staggering.

 Follow us - it will be exciting;


'Every pound we raise can be doubled by grants, rebates and further investment. '


Just so you can be sure we are worth supporting, some of the reasons why we can make a difference are laid out below:

We know that nations like:

 Jamaica - Guam - Turks and Caicos - St Lucia - Barbados - Philippines -  Maldives - 

are really;



This is because they are surrounded by very warm surface water and deep sea cold water -These can be combined in a process to produce electricity!!   There is NO BURNING - and NO FUEL COST - 

The system is capable of 24 -7 operation;

This provides - 



The technology is called;

Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC,) and Sea water air conditioning (SWAC,). 

SWAC is so simple -it just uses cold sea water to cool a building...

OTEC is just  like a really powerful storm in a box...

Both OTEC and SWAC use; 



The technology required is NOT EXPENSIVE; 

In fact It is already;



A variation of this technology can produce;



We know we can help  !!!


BUT ...

We need your support if this is going to happen swiftly.


'Our technology could transform the economy of many poor countries. '

They could become;  


The cost of their energy would drop by 75%! 

Can you help these nations by making a pledge?

 'Funds raised go towards bringing our great technology to the attention of those who can use it. '


Presently these countries; 


This is incredibly expensive - 

Imagine paying 4 times UK energy prices for energy- !!

This crowdfund is all about; 


Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC,) and Sea water air conditioning (SWAC,). 

To those who could benefit most.  


DEEP SEA COLD WATER; is expensive to acquire...

We have made a simple change which makes fetching;


Thus, we can offer a lower cost product to our customers.  

We have changed from the use of pipes to the use of hoses and submersible turbo-pumps.   

We demonstrated that hoses were easy to deploy with ease.  Just visit our twitter page.  

We know;

Our - 

NEW-OTEC and NEW-SWAC products;


Because they're






'We want to use your help to let customers, utilities and governments know all about the savings we can offer them.'


'NEW OTEC and SWAC clean energy is so great, because this is about improving economy not just clean energy. '


That is why we are crowdfunding!

We're launching a new clean energy product which is suitable for many more end-users than any similar product before it.  

We have changed from the use of pipes to the use of hoses and submersible turbo-pumps.   

We demonstrated that hoses were easy to deploy with ease.  Just visit our twitter page.  

The pump and turbine we use are just every day pumps and turbines joined to each other.  This was so easy to demonstrate using something called a turbo compressor.   

You can see all this @newotec on twitter - 

Believe it or not.  We have been granted the patent in the UK.   The UK patent rights can extend all over the world.

You can follow us on twitter and Facebook - @newotec

We are ready for business;

Our ideal first customers are remote luxury island resorts.  These resorts are perfect examples of OTEC and SWAC customers. They pay ludicrous amounts of money for dirty electricity yet OTEC is perfectly suitable for them.  We know that resorts, and governments are interested in OTEC, we just need to reach out to them in a professional way.  £5000 is required to generate a new landing page, a ton of leads, and a brochure.  We will then be helped to manage an outreach.  We will offer end users massive savings on their energy expenses and the chance to change from importing diesel, and burning diesel to clean energy. 


'The great thing about our new approach is that the single unit shown on our website is suitable for hundreds of customers whereas the old OTEC system was only suitable for a hand full.'


Why a unicorn? 

Why do we need your help...? 

All 7 Billion of Earths inhabitants could use OTEC - 

Ironically, our invention is not expensive enough to require VC funding.   

They don't want to fund us. 

Not yet, anyway....

That could change with your help!  


'When we interest customers we can interest VC firms.. '


Given that the apparatus is so common, we just need to buy it, and get sales, or produce electricity, and sell it.  There is no question that there is sufficient demand, or whether OTEC works.


'Nevertheless, VC firms tend to invest in companies which are showing traction' 


Would you be pleased if your pledge helped us demonstrate some traction?  

Of course you would be!  

The 3 platforms  on the images below are ready to be designed to industry standards.  Our preliminary standards review is available to purchase below.  The document is a professional recognition that OTEC platforms can follow oil and gas offshore engineering standards making development straight forward. 

Each platform is larger than the largest wind turbines in the world.  Each could be sold for '£100million'.  Yet, they would save Caribbean and Pacific island nations 3 times as much each.  If you believe in industry multiples the company value from the sale of just 3 platforms is well over £1billion.   Thousands of these platforms could be sold.  The OTEC resource can provide power to every person on earth.   There are presently no OTEC competitors' revenue generating.

The present OTEC market;

The situation in the OTEC market at the moment is appalling.  OTEC is a perfectly good technology which is not being used properly.  We want to change that.  In fact OTEC can apparently provide up to 14 TW of electricity.  That's enough for every person on earth.   We have spent years researching the costs, and sourcing the best parts and engineers we could find.  There is no problem with OTEC; the parts are cheap, and engineers understand it.   All that we need is funding, and to get funding we need interested customers which is the problem this crowdfund can resolve.

Climate change; 

OTEC is an extremely promising technology for combating climate change, and we want your help to make sure OTEC is commercialised.  We have reason to believe that once in production, and with the right subcontractors NEW-OTEC would be the cheapest form of clean energy on the planet. 

New-otec must be crowdfunded!  

We are so nearly ready to approach customers! 

Our ideal first customers are remote luxury island resorts.  We just spent £2k building a set of leads.   £5000 in total will be used to generate a new landing page, leads, and a brochure.  We will offer end users enormous savings on energy expenses and the opportunity to change from dirty diesel, to an exciting new form of clean energy.  


'It is extremely important we have spent enough money on quality marketing to be able to interest customers.'


'Every extra £2000 raised buys an additional month of first rate professional marketing.'


Aside from their practical advantages our products will be able to provide massive savings to millions of people.   We could even improve the economies of many Caribbean and Pacific island nations.   Presently, these islands import expensive fossil fuel.

Thank you for reading.  If you really like us you can invest @!!!



Get Christmas Gifts we know you like; 

1.  £10 - We will thank you on our twitter page - if there is something you would like us to promote let us know. 

2.  £15 - A thank you card with one of our CAD images.  These platforms have preliminary approval for DNV-GL certification.  Once they are certified we can sell them, and they would be insurable. 

3.a. £30  -  There is no better way to realize how important our environment is!  All of the above plus, we will send you a pack of 12 Titleist golf balls!  These make a great present even if you don't like golf.   

Titleist DT TruSoft 12 Golf Balls

3.b.  £30 - Alternatively;  If you are after some technical information you can buy our preliminary standards review by Cruz Atcheson.

4.  £50 - All of the above, ( except 3, the 12 Titleist golf balls,) - Plus, we'll send you an Easy breathe mask and snorkel in time for Christmas.  This is a brand new innovative mask and snorkel designed to make it easier for beginners to enjoy the sport.  We are also giving this away at the moment in a viral contest.  Plus, If you want to chat with us about OTEC, SWAC or anything else we can book some time with you to talk.

5. £100 - All of the above - All incentives above - plus a second pack of 12 - Titleist golf balls. - take 2-3 presents off your Christmas list.  Get an extra buzz for helping us, and the environment. 

After something more?  

We have created a  private crowd-lending page with capital gain incentives.

You can invest through our site -

Please share our campaign with your connections. 

Your support is so important, the beginning and end of our success, so please, if you have any serious comments or questions you're welcome to get in touch with us.

Thank you for reading! 


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Buy our preliminary standards review - read a document produced by a professional marine engineering company outlining the similarities between the design of oil and gas, and OTEC systems.

£150 or more

£150 Reward

Buy a copy of our basic research. Take a look at some of our research findings and the implications. The focus of our research was the size of the heat exchanger required and the availability and cost of the parts.

£300 or more

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All of the above - plus if you want to talk to us about OTEC in depth you are welcome to make an appointment with us.

£500 or more

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All of the above plus you would be welcome to visit our testing of the turbo-pump. We will be serving orange squash, sausage rolls and Champagne.

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