SauvMaison: Jeans Wear Brand For Women With Curves

by SauvMaison in Watford, England, United Kingdom

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Contemporary meets timeless jeans wear brand for the chic and curvaceous modern woman. Tailored denim for you! Because we are all different.

by SauvMaison in Watford, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Extra money would enable us to start selling our products on a larger scale and expanding into stores and online stores too! We then want to gradually employ seamstresses and pattern makers, so we are keeping our resources within the company and costs down because we will no longer have to outsource abroad. Our jeans will be made here in the UK instead of abroad. You can help us fulfil this!

T H E  SauvMaison  T E A M

The team consists of our chic, committed and innovative Founder Michaella; our extremely experienced and fashionable Ami who oversees our technical design and Nic our logistics and finance whizz. Aside from being effortlessly creative, our founder is uniquely committed to customer needs. She made sure our customers were involved in every step of the design process; orchestrating several fittings, focus groups and questionnaires to get their feedback. We then made changes to the samples, in order to get the tailoring and structure of the jeans to be perfect. 


SauvMaison W A S  C R E A T E D  T O...

SauvMaison services beautiful shapely women in a way that UK denim has not done to date. The ideal body for women is changing, championed by powerfully trending social mediaites, promoting the full hip and snatched waist silhouette.  We have created tailored denim for the hips, thighs, and derrière. Our Contour Collection is available in sizes 8-22, as we pride ourselves on being an inclusivity brand.

Our founder based SauvMaison Jeans on the women in her family – women of varying body shapes. The ‘Nicole 01’ boyfriend jean is named after her curvy older sister, an inspirational mum of two, a businesswoman and a great cook! The ‘Dani 01’ skinny jean is named after her younger sister who is a teacher, has less curvature and is an accomplished sportswoman with athletic thighs to match. 

They wanted jeans that complimented their silhouettes without the use of a belt, that were classic, durable and uncompromising on shape over time once washed. Thus, the SauvMaison effect is synonymous with lifting and sculpting the body, and focuses on providing extra room in the areas that women are blessed in!

W H A T  I S  O U R  G O A L?

Our Mission is to provide the modern woman with a premium, relevant denim brand they can trust and whose quality, structured tailoring and fit will transcend traditional offerings.  We aim to create a loyal following, made up of confident, diverse and dedicated customers, who not only see the value we have created, but love what the brand stands for.

We want to be the go-to brand that is synonymous with ‘Tailored High End Jeans for the Chic and Curvaceous Modern Woman’.

H O W  W I L L  Y O U R  F U N D I N G  H A V E  A N  I M P A C T  O N SauvMaison? 

A N D  H O W  A R E  W E  G O I N G  T O  B U I L D  O U R  B R A N D?

SauvMaison will use the money raised to manufacture more styles of jeans as we have started with two styles in four washes and will build up from there. The money will also be used for marketing, advertising, packaging and our website. We want to make sure that our branding and vision for our customer is marketed in the most cost effective ways whilst delivering our message successfully. 

We here at SauvMaison are passionate about sustainability in fashion, which is better for the environment and our customers will get longevity in terms of value for their money. We do not represent throw away fast fashion, but classic, timeless fashion, therefore our jeans will remain relevant as a key statement piece for their wardrobe. Not only is it better for the environment, but we can really curate quality, durable, timeless pieces which is essential for our customers who want investment pieces that they can still wear in years to come! We have been approached by two businesses to present our collection at pop-ups and trade shows here in London, so the money raised would also be used to get the stock and entry for these events!

W H Y  I S SauvMaison  I M P O R T A N T? 

We recognised there was a need for SauvMaison when listening to the same on-going conversations in women’s fitting rooms regarding ill-fitting jeans for women. Equally the women in our families have experienced years of inadequate jeans and we at SauvMaison have decided to take action to rectify this. There isn’t a specific brand here in the UK that caters for this problem. The jeans that have helped this problem are known as stretch jeans, so they have high elasticity and are made to fit the mass market. We have designed our jeans specifically for our neglected segment. 

We have concluded from our findings, that women are crying out for a brand like SauvMaison, who is going to cater for their specific body shapes. We listened to what these women wanted from our focus group and questionnaires and produced our denim wear, by structuring our jeans with more curvature and support than the jeans in the mass market.

Questionnaire, Focus Group and Studies to Support Our Findings


  • I have curves; a small waist, hips and a shapely bottom
  • Retailers don’t offer a range of sizes. Most don’t go past a size 18
  • No maybe because the UK market is aimed at model type figures
  • A lot of jeans are made for the less curvy girls; hence some jeans come too low at the back due to a big bum.
  • Smaller waist bigger hips long legs. It’s hard to find jeans that fit
  • Selfridges has a great denim department which caters for the majority of shapes. You just need the right guidance
  • Jeans are made for European women and I also have to go a size up for them to fit



  • They sometimes fit my bum and thighs but too big for my waist.
  • Thighs are a problem area for me and the jeans tend to rip all the time.


  • The jeans are still straight up and down, so no they haven’t.
  • As you can buy brands like Levi’s and it fits properly.
  • Even though I feel some brands are acknowledging it, especially in America, but in the UK the brands are producing the same type of jeans as before.
  • Gold sign, Paige and citizens of humanity do this well.

E M B R A C E  Y O U R  S H A P E!

As modern women have started to embrace their shapes and become more confident and comfortable with their curves, they require a bold brand solely dedicated to the effeminate, curvy frame. The catwalk figure has for decades been the inspiration and influence for apparel, but our customers are no longer resigned to accept an ill-fitting loose waist jean, in order for the garment to accommodate their hips. 

The tedious process of trying on jeans in multiple shops will no longer be required. Our jeans have been designed and tailored to offer extra room in the hips, thighs and derrière areas. Thus providing more comfort, a secure fit, a sculpted lift and a contoured waistband to eliminate gaping.

P L E D G E   R E W A R D S

We're using our pledge rewards as a pre-order system for SauvMaison Jeans. Each garment will be made to order, we'll contact you for your size once our campaign has ended.

If you have any questions about rewards, how to /pre-order or simply want to know more about SauvMaison. Please get in touch; we'd love to hear from you!

SauvMaison Crowdfunding Update!

Dear Faithful SauvMaison supporters,
The start of this year has been truly unimaginable. For those of us who have been directly impacted by the global pandemic, we are sending thoughts of healing and restoration to you and your loved ones. To everyone else please continue to stay home, stay safe and stay well.

I'm humbled to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely, for supporting SauvMaison, in our infancy.

I want to share the following update with you.

Due to COVID19 and the unprecedented times we are in at the moment, our campaign has inevitably been affected. The bank associated with our crowdfunding has said we can lower our target amount in order to be in the best position to hit our goal in the next 10days, all things considered, I have decided to take the advice. We will be lowering the campaign target to £2500, which is half of the initial amount. We are currently at £2475 so just have £25 to go.

Naturally, we have had to slow down things on our side, as we’re a start-up and therefore we are definitely still under pressure to move forward where we can.

Thank you again for your continued support in our journey

Michaella and the SauvMaison Team x


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