Satellite Studios Lockdown Fundraiser

by Satellite Studios in Enfield, England, United Kingdom

Satellite Studios Lockdown Fundraiser


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The time has come to ask for a bit of help to keep us going through these strange times. A little help now can help us a lot in the future.

by Satellite Studios in Enfield, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Wooahhh.... did we just smash our target? That's ridiculous! If there's still more passion out there for the studio and still some bits you want to buy there's this neat little stretch goal we could aim for.

Every penny of this extra money will go into renovating our very tired looking Room 1. We'll be taking the grey shredded wheat carpet off the walls, laying new floor, adding additional soundproofing and generally giving it a much needed makeover.

Satellite Studios Lockdown Fundraiser

The future of our little studio right now is a bit grim. 

Not end of the world grim, but it's grim. 

And I need your help to give it a little boost to see us through to the New Year.

What's happened so far?

Back in the February the studio calendar was rammed. Every day from 10 till midnight a mighty wall of sound threatened to destroy the walls of a humble warehouse in Enfield. There were ear shattering extreme metal guitars, bone shuddering reggae bass lines, pounding rock drums and bellowing blues singers furiously working away day and night to perfect their performance. 

Then it stopped.

The lights went off. The shutters were locked. The lockdown began.

Our re-opening in late July was not a grand affair. I didn't want to push people into coming back to a place that I knew they were already missing. Everyones circumstances have been deeply affected by this pandemic and for a great number of you returning to the studio just hasn't been feasible yet.

With every announcement of an increasing R number or a change in Tier comes another decrease in an already dwindling customer base. Since re-opening we have lost around 70% of our revenue from rehearsals. Heading into winter and a possible rise to Tier 3 classification (which would mean closing the studio again) I am not expecting a significant boost in sales or customers.

How can I help?

There will reach a point in the new year where we start getting back to (new) normal and we'll be able to welcome a steady stream of familiar faces back into the fold. Until then we need a bit of a cash just to keep the rent paid and the bills settled.

We're not asking for something for nothing though. If you usually rehears or record at the studio we're offering all of our regular services at reduced rates. . All services can then be redeemed at any time over the next 12 months. There are also filming sessions, recording tutorials and custom merch. 

For the real connoisseurs amongst you we have a ridiculously cool one off cassette compilation that will never ever be available again. It's a limited run mixtape of tracks kindly donated by some of our heaviest bands at Satellite. More details on this gruesome tracklist will be announced in the coming days.

What are you doing with all of our money? 

The main priority is to keep all our rent and bills paid on time so that we aren't in any trouble on that front. If we are lucky enough to keep some income still coming in over the winter then any surplus will go towards much needed improvements to the studio so that we can enter 2021 with better facilities for all you lovely people.

This also means I have more work that I can pay for my awesome team to do. The lack of bookings and income has seen their hours greatly reduced so any extra projects means extra work opportunities for them. 

If we reach our fundraising target 50% of the funds raised will be matched by the Mayor of London which means an incredible £1000 will be popped into the fund on top of what we've reached.

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Let's make 'Satellite Studios Lockdown Fundraiser' happen

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