Sartorial Design Launch Project

by Luke Mallia in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Sartorial Design Launch Project


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Flexible funding – this project will receive all pledges made by 13th November 2020 at 9:08am

The aim of this project is to get at least one of each of my designs made and finished and to retail.

by Luke Mallia in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

1602943266_charlie_bear_back.jpgMy first customer, as you can see, very happy!


.My first sample, came out very well.1602608723_photo_on_09-10-2020_at_12.50.jpg

Well, I love design in general, be it fashion or architecture. I have a keen eye for detail and love expressing myself through dressing up and music.

My friends often tell me I've got a good feel for aesthetics and should put that to use.

I thought romantically this could be a good idea but never really looked into it until recently I was presented with an opportunity to add my own designs to good quality garments that are printed and then hand finished in the UK.

After posting some designs to friends on my facebook, support has been greater than expected. Things are moving quite fast. I have just found a place to retail them from in real life, on the ever fashionable Mill Road.

I really need funding to print the first four designs to get them out there and on the rail.  I feel this could be a great opportunity. 

The jackets themselves are good quality, there is a choice of fabrics from satin to velvet and a waterproof/breathable fabric. Quilted lining option for winter/ summer.

What I'm thinking off is doing a crowdfunding/ kickstarter type thing, so I can launch around the start of November, in time for Xmas.

I have a strong feeling that once people see the garments irl, things could really pick up.

I already have one myself which I ordered as a sample & just today I have sold another design to a customer. A couple more friends have asked to see the two already made with a view to purchase. Hopefully this will lead to more interest.

The money raised will go directly towards the first print of at least one of each.1602608704_photo_on_09-10-2020_at_12.48.jpg


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

For £10, I offer 25% discount on any item at any time.

£20 or more

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£20 Reward

For £20, I can offer one item at cost price (£85-£95 depending on materials) at any time.

£50 or more

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£50 Reward

If you're generous enough to pledge £50, I will do you a jacket at cost price and add some bespoke detail such as your initials included as a monogram or maybe a different colour-way that will be unique to you

Let's make 'Sartorial Design Launch Project' happen

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