Sardined Shakespeare - The Theatre Production

by Bear Left Theatre Company in Gedling, England, United Kingdom

Sardined Shakespeare - The Theatre Production


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Sardined Shakespeare aims to create a new life for Shakespeare's shows by presenting over 20 short extracts in one whole theatre show!

by Bear Left Theatre Company in Gedling, England, United Kingdom



Sardined Shakespeare is a collection of speeches, scenes and funny bits from a wide range of Shakespeare's plays. From Hamlet to Midsummer Night's Dream, Macbeth to Love's Labours Lost, Coriolanus to Twelfth Night, this show combines some of the Bard's most well known pieces, and some that maybe not so well known. This is a great introduction to anyone who may be nervous about Shakespeare, as we treat his works with both reverence and humour! With audience interaction, shared lighting - just as it would have been in Shakespeare's day, Sardined Shakespeare can give audiences a fantastic experience of Shakespeare, leaving them wanting more! Which is always a good thing. With just a screen, a box of props and costume pieces, and a flip chart, 4 actors bring to life some of Shakespeare's most famous, and infamous, characters! Including extracts from over 15 of his plays, Sardined Shakespeare is a fun night out for almost everyone - there is a warning that some scenes may be unsuitable for young children!

A version of this show was performed in 2017, but it went so well the decision was made to put it on again. But we wanted to explore more of Shakespeare's plays, so we've developed a new version - some scenes have stayed, but a lot of new scenes have been introduced: the lover's fight from Midsummer Night's Dream; the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet; starting a riot in Coriolanus; and many more!



As a new company, funds are tight, and we need to raise money to pay the actors, venue, publicity costs, props, and costumes. We are asking for just £800 to pay towards these costs. This will contribute to paying the actors, hiring the venue, sourcing props and costumes, and all the other expenses that go to put on a theatre production such as printing, design, and so much more.


I believe that Shakespeare should be accessible to all. He never wrote for intellectuals, or to be studied. He wrote for the masses - for the builders, traders, merchants, and more who would come to the theatre to have a good time. I want to create a show that will start to bring Shakespeare back to the people. That is why Sardind Shakespeare was created - to introduce a new way of thinking about Shakespeare and his work. Schools and youth groups will be invited to see the show, with parental guidance, so that the Bard's work can be introduced when children are studying him for their GCSE's, and they can interact with Shakespeare's plays the way they were meant to be - in performance. He is also a lot more relevant to modern audiences than the general public might think, and breaking down the scenes from his plays isolates particular instances of this and brings this relevance to the front.


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