Santa Clara Tobarra dog rescue charity

Santa Clara Tobarra  dog rescue charity

To fund the building of a permanent animal rescue centre for this charity. they are solely donation funded.

We did it!

On 12th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £210 with 5 supporters in 56 days

This project is to enable the group of volunteers to build a permanent rescue centre. Currently they are on zoned building land & the builders now wish to develop it. They have been gifted a piece of land & have the relevant permissions to build & run the centre. They now need to raise the funds to build to the remission requirements & the needs of the dogs & cats they rescue. Therefore they need to raise £75,000 or €86,000 to do this as well as continue to raise funds for the daily running costs & vets bills. 

No animal is turned away if it can be helped back to health after abuse, neglect or I jury they do this often taking the animal into their own homes until it is well enough to stay in the current centre. If it cannot be saved it is humanly put to sleep. 

As many animals as possible are re homed if they can't be they stay at the centre cared for by the volunteers. No animal is put to sleep unnecessarily. 

All those involved are volunteers & run the centre on a shoe string often paying from their own pockets if funds are short to ensure the animals are fed, cared for and have the treatments they need. 

With the exception of one English family this is a Spanish led & run group in the Castille La Mancha mountains so has few expats involved those involved work long & hard to help  care for these animals. Without them the strays & abandoned animals would be caught & killed not rescued, treated, sterilised & rehomed. Please help them help these animals on a safe purpose built centre that can ensure these animals have as good a life as possible until new homes are found for them.

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