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So my laptop died a few weeks ago, and yesterday my hard drive failed. I was a bit of an idiot to not back it up, but in either case, everything's gone. All of the tracks I was working on, all of the tracks I finished but haven't found things to do with yet, all of my data for the last few years, it's all gone. It took a while to set in, but for someone that has very little already, this is a pretty devastating blow to my drive, confidence and motivation to keep moving forward. I'm currently borrowing a laptop, but any creative will understand that doing anything creative with another persons tools is almost alien, and can cause quite a hindrance, and without my hard drive, any and all of my music has been lost.

I've been toying with the idea of crowd funding a new laptop, in exchange for perks (that I don't seem to have very many of), and gratitude, but being in my situation, I already rely on my friends an awful lot just to survive from day to day, thus I'm fairly hesitant about starting one, however, logically, a little bit of help from a big bunch of people can really go a long way, even if I don't feel confident in the idea of asking a lot of people for a little bit of help.

Music is my life, I've made life more difficult than it should have been, both for myself, and for others, trying to pursue this weird little dream of mine, and I've gone a little too far to give up on it now. Let me know your thoughts.

I was due to self release an EP in the coming weeks, but have lost two thirds of the content on the hard drive, but if this campaign goes well, I shall double and triple my efforts and get a full length album out.

I know to most, £700 seems like a lot of money for a laptop, but this day in age, decent technology is required to enable a streamlined creation and performing environment, and as with most things, you pay for what you get, and I can't afford to have another failure because I've taken the cheap route. With the current requirements for making music and performing it, I need something with the specs that can enable me to do this without issues. Note that there are laptops available costing far more than I am trying to raise here; I'm not going bling but something that fits my actual needs and will last me long enough to make the shame of asking for donations worth it!

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