Sanger's Stage Show, Parade Pilgrimage to Margate

Sanger's Stage Show, Parade Pilgrimage to Margate

To recreate and rekindle the magic of the travelling show, a touring imaginarium, a spectacular parade with exceptional shows.. Come with us

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Hello everyone and welcome :)

We are Sanger's Stage Show 

Led by David Sanger, horse drawn showman . We will, this summer be making a pilgrimage of sorts from Stonehenge, where we exclusively have our Stage show in the monument field for the solstice celebration, to Dreamland in Margate, where we will set up Show and also lead the carnival on the 6th of August. Giving us just 6 weeks to walk over 150 miles !!

Dreamland is Britain's oldest amusement park in Margate, which was one of the first 'sea side towns' and their carnival is the biggest in the south east.

David's ancestor, the colourful yet largely forgotten, Great Lord George Sanger made Margate his home and ran his famous Hall by the Sea there in the 1870's. He  recently featured in the 'There Will Be Fun' exhibition at the British Library, as one of the  great Victorian Entertainers.

Hall by the Sea is now Dreamland, David Sanger cut the ribbon when it was reopened in 2015
A little bit of history repeating !! 

This year Dreamland are celebrating 150 years of use as a leisure venue, so in homage to this and Lord George we will be reimagining and rekindling two vital part of our history and heritage ~pilgrimage and the travelling show. This will be a very real and grass roots adventure reconnecting and educating diverse audiences, with this fantastical story truly engaging communities upon the village green ..recreating the thrill of the circus coming to town 

We will be walking The pilgrims way, along side traditional wagons and horses, dressed in full Victorian costume. With tandem cyclists, stilt walkers, fire artists and a bag piper !! Pyratrix Circus will be presently a performance based on Lord George Sanger's book 70 years a showman, accompanied by professional musicians this will be a very gentle acoustic adventure 

We are looking for support to bring Lord George Sanger's story to life in the spectacular style we feel it deserves ..the more funds we raise the more fantastic the parade!! And ...phew ..

 .... we need funding for pretty much everything.. we've spent everything we have already trying to make this a reality... obviously we would like to be able to pay performers and to make the whole stage ship shape and shiny !! We'd like everything to be in pristine condition, there's some essential repairs that need doing , we've recently had the Stage rebuilt and it is having a lovely new paint job done right now ... it got dropped off this morning !! For such an epic journey we'd like to renew the harness for the horses so they have a comfortable time too fencing !!! And costumes !! 

Everyday will be a parade !!! And very much a part of the show !! 

We are booked and confirmed at events en route, So even if your unable  to help financially , please do come and support us at these events, which in the spirit of pilgrimage we will be presenting for free :)

Stonehenge Solstice Celebration - Wiltshire  20th June 

Alton Victorian Cricket Day , Hampshire 25th June

Biddenden Village , Kent  22nd July

Lord Whisky Animal Sanctuary, Stelling Minnis , Kent 29th July 

Margate Carnival with After party at Dreamland, 6th August ????

We have applied for Arts Council Funding and are hopeful as we really feel this to be something exceptional, after all who knows when the last Horse Drawn Pilgrimage was or if it will happen again !! It really will be something people remember for a very long time, we want to remind people that a simpler way of life is still possible and can be incredible!! Help us recreate something wonderful..

We intend to flood social media and launch the whole event proper with a full dress rehearsal at The Horsedrawn Camp , Redditch 28th /30th April .. come with us :

Thank you for your interest, we'd gratefully appreciate your support

we look forward to seeing you and making magic happen !! 

Look out for us 

Very best wishes for you all 

Sanger's Stage Show ✨