S & M Leisure - Get our start up back on track!

by Scott in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

S & M Leisure - Get our start up back on track!


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Get our startup back on track after after our last blow!

by Scott in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom


Hi! We are Scott and Michael, the faces behind S&M Leisure! We have been friends for over 20 years having travelled the world being inspired by different cultures and cuisines. During our time overseas we have been lucky to work alongside some amazing local chefs and hospitality experts in countries such as France, Greece, Ibiza, Amsterdam and Germany.  They have educated us in the use of different techniques, flavours and pairings that can make a seemingly “normal” dish into something amazing!

We are both extremely passionate about hospitality and client satisfaction after 39 years of combined industry experience.  We strongly believe in providing the best quality food and drinks to all our customers and making their time in our company a memorable experience.

S&M Leisure has been a dream of ours for over 10 years now. We want to create something that is exciting, creative, unique and that also offers back!

In 2020 we devised a two year plan to get our business off the ground but obviously due to Covid-19 this was set back. This clearly took a hit on our savings and has now put our plan 12 months behind schedule.  We are truly touched and privileged that people are reading our blog and seeing the potential in us and our idea and are willing to support us.  

Our business model is a catering truck with a difference! The dishes we will be preparing will be freshly made using the finest ingredients and will aim to give not only the burger lovers their fix but people who are looking for something slightly lower in calories a healthier option. Whilst we love a good burger and the deliciousness of ‘junk food’ ourselves, we found that we could have our fix of these kinds of food, but with fresh ingredients and healthier alternatives to help improve our lifestyles without missing out!  When we think of other vendors at events and festivals, for example, we noticed there doesn’t seem to be this kind of option available, and an idea was born!

We want to combine the traditional dishes you see from a food vendor with our S&M twist alongside dishes that will allow people to choose a lighter option. Our creative menu plan has caused a lot of excitement in our surveys and we cannot wait to get it out there at all event types.   Whilst the initial idea is to be a mobile food and beverage vendor our two year plan is to expand into all event types from business and corporate parties to birthdays and weddings.  The limit once we are up and running, will really be on whether you can get us booked, we plan to be that busy!

We HATE waste so we pledge at the end of the day or at the end of an event to donate anything left over to local food banks, to use the “TooGoodToGo” app or to literally hit the streets and feed the homeless!

S&M Leisure is going to be the start of something rewarding for both of us, powered by two passionate people. We just hope we can get the help we need to make this dream a reality!



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Keeping People Warm

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