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by samsntha mackinnon black in Methil, Scotland, United Kingdom


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i wish to carry on covering all the indy event i only need help with camera gear travel any costs i really need help as iam on benifits

by samsntha mackinnon black in Methil, Scotland, United Kingdom

Paul Colvin wrote this for me xx This is for a young woman who attends every rally regardless of weather and distance to take photos of everyone who attends. She does it out of love and at no cost to anyone but herself. She deserves credit for her unselfish work and I hope this, in some way, goes toward that. I know hundreds who do the same but I can’t write about everyone individually. Her name is Sam Black, please check out her photos, you might be in them. Paul x Love At No Cost. 29th April 2016. Some capture people through fanciful words While others see them through eyes Words can be doctored but faces are real They say the camera, it never lies She thinks nothing of travel and your day she’ll unravel With stills she will show frame by frame And she’ll scour this land with her camera in hand Sam Black’s this photographer’s name. She’s determined, dedicated so long she has waited To prove to herself she can win She’s willing and able, reliable, capable Of pursuing a love deep within She may feel quite tense but can’t wait to commence To snap you in some city’s square Or catch you out on a march under an old gothic arch With your flag flying high in the air. She’s, if nothing, persistent and only asks your assistance In striking your pose for the day In the rallies she’s found, snapping Yessers in towns In her own inimitable way. Evry date’s written down for our rallies in towns But this lady is no hired gun If you’ve forgotten your time, spent with partners in crime She’s a record of all you have done She loves her profession and with each passing session Fashions her plays through a lens You’re the stars in her play, you’re the acts she’ll display You are the ones she calls friends. When she’s finished with poses, her aperture closes But photography’s this lady’s life You’re her passport and she thanks you for support She’s the lady from Methil in Fife. If you see her, say hello x Paul Colvin. ©

  • 4Hi I have been photographing all the independence events all over Scotland since 2014 I have been working voluntary and paying for everything out my own pocket.
  • I am on fibromyalgia and PTSD so I cant work full time because of my health problems.

I really need help to carry on my work as I have thousands of independence fans from all over Scotland who love my work. 

I cover events by hope over fear.auob.yes bikers and the freedom convoy to name a few if I don't get help I won't be able to keep working .

I travel all over Scotland out my own pocket and buy my camera equipment and pay for all costs of the events most of the time leaving myself with nothing to live off.

This is why I ask for help only for travel  equipment and costs of the events nothing more I have got myself in to dept with my bank trying to do this alone but I dont want to give up my good work.

I attend each even and edit all the footage myself 

Please can you help me keep up my good work 

Much appreciated 


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