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Our mental health is equally as important as our physical well being, we need to acknowledge, understand and share to move forward and heal.

by Kelly-Anne McNally in Alvechurch, England, United Kingdom

We are in the middle of a mental health crisis in this country.  Statistics suggest one in four of us will suffer each year - and how many more are going by unnoticed?  Mental health help is out there, but we are often lost on how to get it and frustrated when one size doesn't fit all.  I know - I have been there when someone close to me was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and other stress related conditions almost 2 years ago.  There were countless medications, talking therapies and other options tried and tested.  

However, we found something else when I put together our own diary... I will share a picture of my very basic first shot at this further along in the project, but slowly we found things started to change.  I am not hailing this as a miracle diary that fixes problems, but we found that it helped us to find a combination of things that helped to manage everything, things started to fall into place. From knowing where we were at with appointments and medications, to goal setting, gratitude practice, and writing down the stuff that was too raw to actually talk about but we both needed to know - it was an ongoing letter to one another where we didn't really seek answers - only to be listened to.  We rarely brought these things up in conversation - where it felt a whole lot harder to deal with, but we were aware and communication just started to flow better from there.

I found other things online that helped to keep check on medications, appointments, feelings trackers, noticing triggers and so on, but nothing quite like what we needed.  A tool that you can use on your own, as a couple (which worked for us) and also, I am hoping this could work for parents and teens or younger children or maybe between family members or your close friends....a real sharing experience.

I found it worked well for me because no one tells the people around those with depression or mental illnesses what they can/could/should be doing and I found this so difficult for a long time.  I went to doctors appointments, brought and read countless books and articles and started to get educated.  I want to share what I have found in hope that it might even help the a single couple, a few parents or just you if you are having a hard time at the moment...

So, I am crowdfunding to kick start the production of the physical product - the diary, better design, internal structure and all that stuff.  Also to create an online buzz to share the idea - get more people than ever talking about their own mental health experiences, sharing what works, new ideas and supporting one another. Sharing with those who haven't yet suffered but are close to people going through this.  Reducing the stigma that is still there when we talk about mental health.  I hope the product and related items I would like to introduce down the line are just a starting point to help people manage and communicate better.  Investing in mental health should be as normal as investing in your physical wellbeing.  We think nothing of handing over money for hair and beauty, for the latest wellness juice or gadget, cleanses, retreats, clothes...the lists are endless....invest in your mind and lets bring all this together so we can start small and just feel a little better every day.


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