Support Salford University's Women Kayakers

Support Salford University's Women Kayakers

We want to raise funds to establish a competitive womens team and support them through bespoke equipment and coaching.

We did it!

On 23rd Aug 2015 we successfully raised £240 with 8 supporters in 56 days

Project aim

We want to raise funds to establish a competitive womens team and support them through bespoke equipment and coaching.


"Think of all the benefits of sport that women miss out on. This is a really good idea!"   Mishal Saeed  Salford University Canoe & Kayak member & former President of Salford Students' Union



About the project

Salford University Canoe & Kayak has steadily been growing the number of women kayakers over the years but now we really think it's time to invest. Our investment will be broken down into these areas:

  • Investing in our smaller boat stock. (1 or 2 newer boats max)
  • Womens wetsuits and equipment more ergonomical for women.
  • Paddles more suited to women.
  • Hire of facilities for separate coaching sessions for the Salford Womens' Canoe Polo team.
  • Bespoke marketing materials for our recruitment period in September.


About Salford University Canoe & Kayak

Salford University Canoe & Kayak is a affiliated to the University of Salford Students' Union and is open to all, students and non-students alike. The club was established in 1987 and originally began life as a group of friends who shared a common interest in canoeing. The club was housed at the old Agecroft Rowing club before finding its current home at Castle Irwell Student Village.


Why Is This Important?

At the University of Salford, just as at many other higher education institutions the participation of women in sport is much lower than men. We think that we should be actively doing something to change this and so we are looking at how we can support women within the club through making the club as accessible as possible. Examples such as having paddles with narrower shafts and wetsuits suitable for women is just a start; we think it's important and we hope you do too.

"I'm so excited that our club wants to invest in us! We are like a big family and we just want to play a bigger role. When we decided to do this the first thing I thought was: Ooh. Girl polo team!? The club has had women coaches and chairpersons but the equipment has never matched up. So if you're thinking of supporting us thank you!!!"

Amanda KehoeSocial Secretary - Salford University Canoe & Kayak

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