sale of used cars start up

by Buyer Chain UK in London, England, United Kingdom

sale of used cars start up


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I have been nominated to a be a company Director of a startup company registered with the Companies House, England and Wales. Need funds.

by Buyer Chain UK in London, England, United Kingdom

I have been nominated to be the company Director of a startup company registered with the companies House, England and Wales. And now looking to raise start up funds to buy and sell used cars online with an aim of making profit for the business and make sure it grows by investing more into buying good used cars at a low price, and remarketing them at a higher price using online tools which include a professionally designed car dealer website with all possible functionality and marketing.

Having a car website means one need stock to sell on through the website and other online car site like who have agreed to place an ad for free in the beginning, with many other advertising channels available.

The most interesting and promising part is that while I have been single handedly building my website using 1 and 1 website builder tools and the domain name there of, Bing ads has identified the potential of Buyerchain UK Ltd and written to offer a partnership prospects to receive help to build the entire vision together of an online carsite and professionally create and place ads which will potentially attract buyers looking for good used cars online. There very successful car sites called, and, and many other models to follow. But for every consumer the needs are different and therefore the necessity to start a business for the sale of used cars online which are good and safe and enjoyable to drive. The advantaged is that I ama qualified and experienced Car Technician Engineer and entrepreneur who can put my skills to, having been in the UK automotive industry for many years, helping very many people find a good car of their dream even though it is slightly used and the mileage is still low, reliable and very good condition.

The result is that I will be contributing to many people's peace of mind and well being with no too much hassling trying to find a car to buy and even quite often making the wrong decision and bad car to buy.

I one reads car buying reviews online that is when you know that for a long time many people have not been getting a fair treatment even from major car dealers selling cars to individual buyers.

It is my responsibility to successfully run Buyerchain UK ltd with enough start up funds to buy a few stock of cars, with both small and luxury brands included once an opportunity to make profit is sported. There must be extra cash always stand by and building a serious web presence is my priority with the help of consultants in their field and web developers. Add more value with great used cars online, adding money to marketing and advertising will make a huge impact and the result should measurable financial gain in short term and long term with more input.

This means together we can do this business and turn into a great online success. This will mean a lot to me, my business carer. Wealth creation from scratch has never been easy but for those who have ever gone through it and succeeded have become the creators of industry and business.

The internet has opened up so many opportunities but those with start up money will be able to develop their online presence and even build enterprises with do not need physical stock because you can work and collaborate with those who have evidence of stock.

But having the power to sell with no stock like ebay or amazon is amazing. Buy we know that eBay had a very old broken printer on their website as the first item and it was bought while amazon had some king of books and the founder had a few used books in his garage at home. He also sold bit by bit till he discovered the blue print of having no stock yet sell for everyone online.

Like wise there must be some kind of cars to buy and sell online before I can also find the opportunity for remarketing. The funds raised and contributed with your kind help will make the whole idea from start up to grow into a successful business which can change many people s lives if profits are being made.

Thank you. I greatly appreciate.

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