Sailing for Sanity

by Luke Cannon in Cemaes Bay, Wales, United Kingdom

Sailing for Sanity
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Hi my name is Luke Cannon, I'm a Army veteran and like many people I've suffered with mental health problems over the years but being a vete...

by Luke Cannon in Cemaes Bay, Wales, United Kingdom

Hi my name is Luke Cannon, I'm a Army veteran and like many people I've suffered with mental health problems over the years but being a veteran I was fortunate enough to receive help from a charity called Combat stress. One of the things they taught me was to have projects to look forward to, something to focus the mind. I have always known for me that would mean some sort of restoration project, bringing life back to something left to deteriorate and ignored for years. I knew the whole process and the sense of achievement I would feel when it was finished would really help my mental health but I just couldn't justify it whilst struggling to make ends meet financially.

Ever since I was a child I've dreamt of owning a yacht. I talk about it so much that my 8 year old son Hayden has also taken on the dream, he searches the internet himself for yachts for sale. His dream is that I'll one day sail to Italy to see him (he lives there now) A few weeks ago I took the plunge (pun intended) and my dream became a reality when I bought this beautiful Medusa 25 sailboat designed by the founder of yachting monthly Maurice Griffiths. Although I won't be sailing to Italy any time soon I would love to get her finished by the time he comes back for the summer holidays with me.

However the restoration costs are spiralling by the day and the cost of all the safety equipment I need is far more than I anticipated.

I'm asking friends, family, anyone to donate any amount they can afford, even the cost of a pint will help me restore this beautiful boat back to the condition she deserves to be in and also to make sure Hayden and I put to sea with all the correct safety equipment and training required.

I don't like asking for help and have never expected anything for free so every donor regardless of the size of the donation will be entered into a prize draw to win a two night stay for two in my freshly restored yacht moored in one of the quiet harbours here on the stunning island of Anglesey in North Wales.

This isn't a restoration and resale project. All the work will be painstakingly carried out by myself and the boat will be kept and loved for years to come.

I'd also like name suggestions for her in the comments.

Thank you for all the help and support. 


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