Sai Saviour Trust

Raise money to open a business in India for poor families. We will open a factory producing spices, poppadoms and other food related products and employ poor people who are not able to find work elsewhere. Products will be made, packed and distributed from the factory by the poor people and whatever money we make from selling the products will be used to build homes for poor people. We will sell the products all over India, import it to the UK and sell through a online store!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are Sai Saviour Trust and we are looking for £25,000 of funding. We as a charity want to help poor people get back on their feet and feel the need to live for their families. Thousands of poor people live on the streets in India with no one to help them with food or shelter. There are thousands of businesses and large companies in India but they do not seem to support the poor and help them by giving them work so they can feed themselves and their families. In India people have a clear understanding that 'The Rich get richer and the Poor get poorer' but we want to change this thinking not just in India, but around the World and we can do this with your support. 

We at Sai Saviour Trust want to open a factory in Surat, an area in Gujarat, India, producing authentic and original food based products of India. We will employ people from poor backgrounds who are unable to feed themselves and/or their families, producing products to sell all around India, import to the UK and sell through an online store! Our products will include Spices, Poppadoms (Papad), Sauces, Ready to eat meals, Snacks and Savouries. The people we will employ will be given training on producing the products, packaging and distribution. The products made within the company will be distributed around India for selling, also exported to UK for distributing to companies to sell here and an online website will be made to sell the products. The profit which the charity makes will go towards building homes for the less fortunate, building schools for children who are not able to pay for education but still want to go to school to learn and homes for the elderly who are poor and unable to accommodate themselves. Our other aims are to provide a medical centre, hospital and pharmacy for the poor people but this will be done gradually.

We have previously had a couple of events in order to help the poor in India. Once we had an event asking people to bring any old or new unwanted clothes and shoes. We managed to gather a total of 500kg of clothes and shoes in total and we shipped all of it to a friend in Surat, Gujarat India who then gave it to the poor. We also raise money and then buy books and stationary for poor children so they do not have to spend money buying essentials for their education. We as a charity are always fund raising for the poor and have events on going so we can spread the word for helping the poor. I work alongside my brother and a few friends who all spend voluntary hours together to make the events work in order to raise money for the poor. We sometimes have people help us from the community such as from the temple who put their time and effort in to making our events a success. In order to make this project succeed I have 10 volunteers who will be visiting India with me in order to start the business and gather people from the poor to work at the factory. They will help with the startup of the business, management and distribution. We have close connections with businesses in the UK who have previously helped us raise money therefore we will also distribute our products to them to sell as well. After the business starts receiving money from the products sold we will start our project on building homes for the poor and we will do this together as a team. All our volunteers including myself are determined to make this project work therefore we are dedicated to give our time and effort into everything we can do to help the poor people.

This is a long term commitment and investment as this business will create jobs for the poor and also provide shelter, education and medical services over the years. Through this one business development for the poor it will open doors for other opportunities. We as a charity DO NOT look at this as a business opportunity for us to make money, whatever money is made will be given back to the poor. If the full £25,000 is raised we will use £15,000 buying equipment and machinery to produce the products, £7,000 will be used to buy raw materials and £3,000 buying the packaging the products. This is just a one off investment we require in order to get started, after this we will be using the money which we make to buy raw materials and packaging and profit will be used for the poor.

Our aims over the next 5 years after this project are and through this project are:

- Build homes for the poor

- Build a school for children who are not able to pay for their education but want to learn and be able to go school

- Build homes for the elderly

- Build a medical centre for the poor and offer free treatment

- Build a hospital for people who cannot afford medical treatment

- Build a pharmacy offering free medicine for the poor

All our aims can be accomplished through your help by giving any donation no matter how big or small towards our first step to saving the poor from poverty, every penny counts! Please help us raise enough money to start this project and change lives of hundreds and thousands of people! We appreciate every penny we receive and every penny will count towards a bright future! Who says the poor has no power? We will change that by creating a successful business run by the poor!