Safety Education for Children

by Kyle Durward in Spalding, England, United Kingdom

Safety Education for Children


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This project aims to increase the engagement of children in schools in the UK with basic knowledge of safety, including how to minimise risk

by Kyle Durward in Spalding, England, United Kingdom

Whilst home-schooling my two young daughters during the first UK lockdown in 2020, and being an Occupational Health and Safety Professional for over a decade, I recognised that this was one topic I've very rarely seen in relation to curriculum studies or homework.

Taking away the word 'Occupational' for a moment, basic health and safety is such an important skill set for every individual, with the youngest being most at risk for obvious reasons. At the moment these skills are primarily taught through life experience, i.e. by crossing the road on the way to school with parents or learning to ride a bike or swim, however there is little education that relates, particularly where there would be a benefit for group learning (learning with friends).

An example of what can be taught within schools is risk because that is all about perception (awareness through senses and experiences). For example, in order to judge how risky an action would be you first need to know about the possible danger, the possible outcome (injury), and the possible likelihood of it happening. These basics are what I want to see in schools, perhaps in relation to PHSE (personal, social, health, and economic) education currently taught.

As well as Safety I have years of experience in managing Training in manufacturing (including presenting interactive courses with people in managerial roles) and presenting skills which will become invaluable when this idea evolves.

Considering we are still in the midst of a pandemic (think about yours and other peoples perception of this risk!) I would like to raise money for basic expenses to complete:

* Market research on the ideal requirements for different children age groups

* Design and produce prototype education resources and a lesson plan

* Test the use of the resources and lesson plan, and measure its effectiveness

* Present this lesson to schools in Lincolnshire which will hopefully lead to a live trial

* Roll out this lesson to more schools, measure its effectiveness, and include some homework that involves input from parents

I am experienced in bookkeeping and therefore every penny of any funds used will be recorded properly and be open for review / audit at any time. This project will also remain separate from my limited company, hence why I am crowdfunding!


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A personalised prototype of the education resources and lesson plan which can be used to test its effectiveness and share with others to gather public opinion

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