Safety and Risk Management (distance learning) MSc

Fires in Residential Care Homes can be devastating, to the occupants, staff, owners and families of those involved, as well as the wider...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Fires in Residential Care Homes can be devastating, to the occupants, staff, owners and families of those involved, as well as the wider community. Latest figures suggest that 41% of fire fatalaties are of those aged 65 years or over.

I am seeking funding to complete a MSc in Safety and Risk Management ( which will have a dedicated focus on further deveoping industry knowledge, processes and training methods in relation to  the fire safety measures and management within residential care homes, extra care homes and sheltered accomodation. The study will aim to develop clearer guidelines for the evacuation of care home compartments, taking into account care plans, personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEPs) and fire safety risk assessment, eventually resulting in a risk matrix which can be used to establish realistic evacuation times during progressive horizontal evacuation. This risk matrix can then be used to calculate and manage fire evacuation times within care homes to support a successful evacuation.

The development of a pro-forma template, which is easy to understand and implement would be the end result, which could be accredited by the CQC or Local Fire Authorites as a base line standard for good fire safety management. The outcome of which would be raised standards within residential care home settings and ultimately a greater understanding of the evacuation process by business owners, managers and care home staff.

This study will have real world positive consequences in so much as it will further enhance the chances of survival during a fire for our most vulnerable members of society.


I have been a serving Fire Safety professional for the last eight years and I am passionate about fire safety, furthering knowledge in the field and ultimately saving lives.

 Being the first of my family to obtain a degree I have taken every opportunity to develop myself through hard work, education and training. During my time at University I often worked two if not three different part time jobs to fund myself and my studies, as my family were not in a position to support me financially. 

I believe that this project is relevant, necessary and will contribute to a better, safer world!

By contributing to this crowd fund you will be helping further reseach into protecting the elderly, the at risk and a wide variety of disabled  people. 

Please dig deep, even if you can only afford a few pounds, it might be those that make the difference.