Safely Celebrating Culture in Cornwall

by Black Voices Cornwall in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Safely Celebrating Culture in Cornwall


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We aim to increase culturally diverse events in Cornwall & create a safe space for our ethnically diverse communities to celebrate culture

by Black Voices Cornwall in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Cornwall has the most amazing traditions, histories and stories going back thousands of years, have our own language and are a nation of myths and legends. So what's the problem.? 

As the ethnically diverse make-up of Cornwall grows into a micro-climate of diversity it is important that members of the ethnically diverse community in Cornwall feel they are able to celebrate their cultural differences in a safe and secure environment. Following the death of George Floyd and the global outcry for change too many communities across the globe have been further marginalised. Cornwall is no different, we saw resistance against peaceful protests, major organisations showing disparities and disproportionality towards our diverse communities and Black Voices Cornwall wants to bring some joy to Cornwall by providing a platform where culture can be not only celebrated safely but shared with everyone. We here at Black Voices Cornwall believe education is key to eradicating racism and understand the importance of changing hearts and minds when it comes to culture, race and ethnicity, which is why the Celebration of Culture event will also act as an educational event, which is what makes this project so different.

The Celebration of Culture Event will host a number of acts, artists and events specifically celebrating cultural diversity, focusing on members of the Ethnically Diverse Communities, and YES we absolutely include Cornish Nationals. Black Voices Cornwall are PROUD to be considered a Cornish organisation and NOT just an organisation in Cornwall. What makes this event different is that each act, event, stall, and artists will be accompanied by information cards and talks, so for example, if you are having your hair braided, it's not just something you get done and then move on, there will be discussions and conversation about the style, where it originates from and the cultural importance. When you are trying your jerk chicken or patties, knowing where they originated from, what they look the way they do and why those particular flavours and spices are used and where in the world they come from. 

Black Voices Cornwall feel it is important that all of our residents in Cornwall feel they are represented, not only in industry but also in the arts and culture sector. Cornwall is moving towards becoming the City of Culture in 2025 and this is a great way to show the world that Cornwall is taking culture, race and ethnicity important and that we are not just 'ticking a box'.

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