We need your help to protect young gamers online!

by Safeguardian Group in Shaw, England, United Kingdom

We need your help to protect young gamers online!
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We need to provide 4 members of our dedicated team with ISO 9001 Internal Auditor training, so we can effectively appraise UK companies.

by Safeguardian Group in Shaw, England, United Kingdom

WE NEED YOUR HELP! The internet is a wonderful tool which continues to transform the everyday lives of many people.  Currently in the UK, 99% of 12 to 15 year olds spend time online, with an average of 14 hours per week invested in gaming.  Our purpose at the Safeguardian Group is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of child gamers online by seeking out illegal or otherwise harmful content and practices which undermine the social benefits that the digital community provides. 

While some companies have taken steps to improve safety on their platforms, progress has been too slow and inconsistent overall.  As the UK government prepares to put forward plans for a new system of accountability for these tech companies - more so than the current methods of self-regulation - it is apparent to us that there is a definite need to ensure that these emergent national standards are met, by providing companies with a robust analysis of their current practices.

In preparation, we require funding to provide our dedicated team with the training needed to enact this vision. With donations of £1716 (incl. VAT) we can send a single member of our team to become a certified ISO 9001 Internal Auditor as early as 12th February 2020, which would be extraordinarily beneficial to our cause.

Of course, we would love to send more of our team. We therefore need a total of £5148 (plus travel costs) to ensure that our goals for 2020 are met. Please give generously.

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