Safe And The City

by Jillian in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 3rd December 2018 we successfully raised £15,350 with 152 supporters in 33 days

We're a safe navigation & training startup, who aim to make sexual harassment a thing of past! Back us to help build safer, smarter cities.

by Jillian in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We all can see the potential of Safe & The City far beyond London. With this additional money, our team will be able to expand our operations in three ways:

I) Working together with other startups to building out APIs to integrate with other applications you already use that don't have safety navigation functionality; 

II) Creating Safer Streets by increasing our number of Safe Sites training in concentrated business areas;

III) Using crowdsourced data to drive positive change by improving our data visualisation to maximise key recommendations from our data reports.

We need your help! 

Our Mission 

At Safe & The City, we believe every experience of street harassment should count and by working together we can inform, empower and transform communities to be safer, more inclusive places to walk, work, shop and live. Our vision is a world where everyone has the right to feel safe regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or orientation. 

The Problem

A national survey showed 85% experienced sexual harassment in public and 67% had an incident before they reached the age of 14 and according to Transport for London (TfL) 90% of sexual harassment and assault on public transit goes unreported.

Our Solution

The Safe & The City Application

Available for free on both iOS & Android with 3 core features:

(Safe & the City App future look)

1) Safety Features

2-click access to 999 Emergency Services

Display open ‘Safe Sites’ who are trained businesses that care about your safety

2) Route

Navigate based on official police data to alert before unknowingly walking into crime hotspots

Rate your walk on how safe it felt to personalise the way you walk in future

3) Report

Real-time crowdsourced incident reporting on seven categories of sexual harassment and poor lighting

The Challenge

Safe & The City was selected by JCDeaux's "See Change, Make change" competition to harness the power of the crowd to increase and amplify our mission and impact beyond London.

What will your pledge go towards?

I) Research & Development to Create Safer Navigation

Additional safety features, including 'track my walk' for loved ones to receive a notification once you safely arrive to your destination; Faster reporting mechanisms; More customisation options to use in other applications.

II) Engagement & Impact to Transform Communities

Funds to support our peer-to-peer delivery of school and campus workshops; Automating the anonymous impact reports to visualise trends in areas and offer key recommendations;

III) Expansion outside of London to Share the Cause

If we reach the £15K target by the end of November, JCDecaux will match this and support our campaign through their outdoor advertising reach to expand outside of London.

Who are we?

The idea for the application came after CEO and Founder Jillian Kowalchuk experienced sexual harassment herself: 

“I put a lot of trust into navigation application to get around London, but the fastest route wasn’t always the safest. One evening, I was guided down a dark, narrow alley, where two male kitchen staff made advancements and shouted sexual threats. I ignored them but felt scared knowing I couldn’t easily escape or seek help. Their threats were empty but didn't want another person to walk into that same situation, which could have escalated. I wanted to prevent that experience for others, equip and empower others to have all the information to help them feel and actually be safer”.

Peter Barron, former London Met Police Officer, now working at Safe & The City, said: “In over 30 years of police experience I constantly argued for a more intelligent use of the data we hold. Safe & The City are now combining the data supplied by police, together with crowdsourced feedback to improve the safety of its users”.

Our achievements so far 

We have come a long way in a year and we are proud of the milestones we achieved, but until now this project has been mostly self-funded. Safe & The City launched on March 8th, 2018 in London and has made massive strides with our product, partnerships and impact. Watch this video that captures the power of our users' reports.

Key Partnerships 


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4.3/5 Stars

"As a solo traveller using Safe & The City is life changing for peace of mind and knowing I'm contributing towards women feeling safer."

"Finally an app that doesn't just take me the fastest route. I have the power to inform my walk and report on things I've experienced, witnessed or feel about an area."

Your Contribution Matters! 

Be part of the movement for progress.

With deep gratitude for your contributions.

Safe & The City crew


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