Safe Zone
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We are raising money to create a website to help our community stay safe and informed about unsocial behaviour in our city.

by Igor Stanislawski in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom


We are raising money for our website Donations will help us to find somebody who has the knowledge and skills to create a professional website and to ensure that all necessary security is in place.

This is a beta version of our map to further illustrate our ideas. Please be aware that all pins on this map were chosen randomly for illustration purposes only.

The pins represent late night loud music, mugging as well as areas of drug and alcohol abuse. In future versions of the map, we may expand to include acts of vandalism, homelessness, fly tipping and many more. 

Safe Zone has  many different applications. For example, it can be useful when you are planning to buy a house or  flat. Before you decide to buy, you can check there are no reports about late night loud music or burglaries. Or, when your child leaves home to start university, you can check the area where they are planning to live. You can clearly see if, for example, this particular street has an unsafe reputation. Tourists can also benefit from our website as they will be able to review crime statistics for the area in which they may want to stay. 

Safe Zone is a website displaying a map of our city. It allows every resident to report a crime, vandalism or any other unsocial behaviour. Our task will be to publish this information by dropping a pin on the map. Everyone will have access to this and be able to see up to date information. We believe this data will  help our community to become aware of potentially dangerous areas. For the police, this website will encourage the community to report disturbing situations more frequently and make the city a safer place.

In the future, we are planning to increase the coverage of our map to other major cities, such as Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh and in time, even the whole of Scotland.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

Letter of thanks

This is a letter on company headed paper and hand written signature thanking our supporters.

£150 or more

Thanks on our website

We will create a bookmark on our site where we will put the names and surnames of those who helped create this page - of course, with the consent of the donor.

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