Help build a Safe Space Yoga studio in Manchester!

by Sasha Miljus in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Help build a Safe Space Yoga studio in Manchester!
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Help towards creating a Safe Space to tackle the mental struggles we carry on a day to day basis. BE the change you wish to see in the world

by Sasha Miljus in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

I had it all, all “boxes” ticked but I would cry every day and not know why. I had climbed a ladder, was on a ladder but felt low, alone and lost. I had lost sight of myself and my soul. With a knowing there had to be more to this life than only this, I quit everything, left everyone and ventured into a journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of true, authentic, lasting HAPPINESS!

I had changed jobs, houses, destinations, MEN, and nothing was my complete. Nothing brought me home, but then YOGA! I was fortunate enough to travel India for 2 months and complete my Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh,India, the birth place of Yoga.

There I came back to my self, through the practice of yoga and completing all that we do with consistency and excellence I healed myself from the inside out. Happiness in this existence does not come externally, however we weren't taught how to be connected, we aren't given the tools to find the answers internally. If the tools are there, they aren't approachable and sometimes can be intimidating or feared as they are the unknown.

Through my own experiences and education I had the joy of waking up and I want to share that with the world. I wish to target hospitality groups and corporate companies providing them with a company benefit of an in house Yoga Teacher and mindful mentor. Working in such a high pressure rat race we have lost site of what really mattered and our priorities are shifting. I wish to build a space that can be a "Safe Space" allowing individuals to open up and feel comfortable to tackle their inner demons, fears and anxieties. The project would be paid for by the companies, however would be there as a benefit to the team members. This way the companies are providing their teams with the tools to handle stress, anxiety, depression and any other mental battles they face. Together we can begin to tackle mental health starting from the inside, out.

Safe Space has a number of offerings, being; one on one mentoring sessions, yoga classes, breathing practices, meditations, creative mind mapping. The space also allows for more intimate group session for all yoga practices, and an out reach program going into the work place running workshops on how to handle day to day struggles. The money raised will also go towards creating a 12 week plan called "Flipping the Switch" This project is a day to day plan helping you heal yourself from the inside out, changing the lens in which you see the world and the filter in which you hear the world. By shifting our perspective to live a truly connected, mindful, authentic and happy life. The 12 week plan will have daily activities of Yoga practices, guided meditations, guided breathing, creative and writing tasks to commit to yourself.

The money raised will find and open that "Safe Space". A space away from the work place, the home place or social place. A space with no judgment, no pressures and no expectations. A space to allow individuals to disconnect to reconnect and come back to their soul and calling. Creating a community of people who can offer support to one another and a network of lightworkers. 

I strongly believe that together we can begin to change the consciousness of the world. The change starts with YOU! The change starts with US! Only when we shift our perspective can we begin to see the beauty all around us and true LIVE and not EXIST in this life.

To LOVE the LIFE we lead, and feel the MAGIC.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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£20 Reward

A bigger piece of good Karma, although money can't buy you Karma and the knowing that we don't always give just to get something back in return. This money makes a difference, this could be that shoulder that someone needs or just a hand to hold.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

A little piece of good Karma, knowing your donation is going towards a greater good! Think of how the money saved from 2 cocktails could go towards changing someones life.

£100 or more

£20 Reward

YOU are the change we wish to see in the world, selflessness is what will save us and it starts with you! Claim a free mentoring session. Create your own little Safe Space through Skype.

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