Safe Space for Girls from Child marriage & FGM/C

This is a pipeline project which aims to protect young girls from child marriage and FGM/C through educational programmes .

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Safe Space for Girls from Child Marriage &FGM/C is a youth led initiative which will be implemented in Tanzania regions  from April 2017  to December 2017 with posible extention , the Project will concentrate its work or activities where National statistics of child marriage and FGM/C are high and spearheaded by the child brides and FGM survivors voices which will be raised in order to reach the Sustanable Development Goal  on Gender equality and four on quality education you girls need to free from Gender-Based Volence and this initiative aims to bring in results .


-A Girls led project aiming to educate fellow Girls on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights .

- Train  child brides on innovative and various enterprenuersp skills so as they can overcome poverty.

- Advocate and Campaign on the end of child marriage and FGM/C practices in the communities.

 Expected OutComes

- Reach out to educate 1000 girls and boys offline and 3000 online on how they can campaign to end child marriage and FGM/C in their communties.

-Recieve support from natonal leaders and world  leaders towards achieving the Sustanable Development Goals .

- Increase knowledge on SRHR to young girls and provide referral services to organisatons that can help.

- To  influence Decision makers and Policy makers within the country to hold all those who violates the law against FGM practices have Government leaders who can take lead on ensuring the speed up of the amendment of the Law of Marriage Act in Tanzania.

Support our project to be implemented we need £25,000 with a possibility to stretch it up to make the project sustainable , please assist in this noble cause!