Safe place for Horses, bees and birds!

Safe place for Horses, bees and birds!

Raise funds to keep the horses, Harriet, Belle, wild bees, dragon flies and ducklings safe, behind a fence and protected for another year.

We did it!

On 23rd Jun 2017 we successfully raised £50 with 3 supporters in 28 days

A wonderful lady called Jennifer Anne Cassidy has rented land, paid for the cost of the horses, their treatments and their upkeep for the last 6 years after seeing that they have not been treated fairly, and are not in the best state of health.

Knowing that she could make a difference to their lives, she has worked hard to bring their poor standard of health and life to an amazing level, which these ponies can now enjoy with some wild friends.

The rented site is not only home to the ponies, Harriet and Belle, but also a duck and her ducklings on the natural pond, dragon flies and a variety of bees including bumbles and honeybees. 

Due to ill health and the focus on the ponies, Jennie has not been able to maintain the fences, leading to neighbours being visited by the friendly pony  duo  up and down the road.

I am hoping to raise £3000 to cover the rent of the field, to be able to build a new fence around it and to pay for a shelter to be made.

I will be providing the labour of erecting the fence and we have a very reasonable source for the equipment needed. I just wish I could provide the funds.

Please help.

Ewan Houldridge

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