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I really to find somewhere to live so that I can recover from my illnesses.i recently had a brain tumour removed, I need a home to recover.

by Sted20 in Shirley, England, United Kingdom

I realise that I can’t expect anyone to help me but I’m desperate for a safe place to live so that I can properly try to recover while undergoing post brain surgery treatment. The symptoms of which have led me to attempt suicide recently and I was hospitalised by the police after being tasered to prevent me taking my own life. My friend suggested trying this site as I’m so desperately depressed and have thoughts of suicide daily despite being on medication. My pituitary gland doesn’t work following the surgery and never will so I am also on various hormone medications which are going to have to be tailored and adjusted regularly for the rest of my life. I need money for a deposit on a rental property and to then furnish it. Any money I received that I had left after doing this while spending as little as possible I would try to help someone else in a similar position, we all know there are growing numbers of homeless people in every town and city in this country.

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