Safe House

by Ladyhawke63 in Bradford, England, United Kingdom

Safe House


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To move to a safe and friendly environment suited to my disability and mental health issues

by Ladyhawke63 in Bradford, England, United Kingdom

I live in a community that doesn’t respect me because I am Christian and I am not safe to even to try to walk to get strong, have been racially abused, my home treated like it’s their rubbish bin with big items such as broken bike despite me having a gate so I do not feel safe and want to move into a bungalow within a community that cares and who you can talk to as I’m a friendly person but very lonely so I need enough money to leave bradford to go to a Leeds north east area with access to a church, have privacy as I only see life through net curtains. I would love to be able to to get undisturbed sleep at night without fireworks and actually contribute to helping my community and my spinal specialist, dentist and hairdresser is all in the Leeds area plus I love Pudsey and cannot get about to get stronger where I live as even my physios have been harassed so I get taken to them . I have also people who use my address to falsify car insurance, insurance claims for people who have never lived at my address, been pressed to sell my home to them and police banging on my door in one instance due to a car being dumped in someone else’s drive registered to my address, I need to move to a safer place and desperate need a bungalow as I don’t even have disabled facilities to shower and have tried and repeatedly tried through occupational therapists reports to Bradford’s council for a simple grant to replace my bath which I cannot use , with a shower cubicle and this has gone on for nearly twenty years, I’ve needed support for my mental health due to feeling trapped with no hope and cannot go on a list for rented bungalow or one floor cottage because I own my own home. I feel I’m at a disadvantage as I’m 57 years old and have no life here , I have only a few friends who do not live near me and my  family live down Cambridgeshire so I am isolated. My mental health problems are worsening as a result of all this time since my work accident and no one who even speaks my language. My property has been attacked, as in outer six foot fence gate bolt and padlock. The only thing precious is my life and I’m prepared to sell anything I have but it’s never going to scratch the surface. Also it’s a drug area. I would love to be able to launch fundraising for other people in my situation for homes for single people disabled and with mental health problems who are caught in this housing trap who cannot access help such as swapping homes like mine suitable for big families for homes for single disabled older people who have no traditional family support. I am prepared to go into a gated community static bungalows that have good health access with home delivery for food as I am on a lot of opiates for pain such as fentanyl patches morphine with other health problems. I have no access to help with a car as I’m obviously not allowed to drive and I don’t have any friends with a car . I want to have some kind of normal life and contribute instead of needing help myself. As my remaining relatives are elderly and far from me I am cut off from being close to even cousins as they all live down south where I’d be lucky to afford a shed so I pray every day and am trying to reach out and in return want to help others especially the homeless. I support the Salvation Army, the army charity that helped me pay got my fathers funeral, estranged from my mother who sees me as useless to her because I’m disabled but forgiven her so I’ve been through a lot of heartbreak for which I didn’t ask so I know I can have empathy with others . I just need help to move to have the basic human rights of a disabled person and dignity. I have a son who himself lives alone with severe asthma and eczema and mental health problems, housebound but in rented accommodation who I cannot get to see because of my Mobilty problems so getting a bungalow he could possibly live with me thus helping him too . A safe healthy environment would be life changing for me and my son.

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