Safe Haven for Exotics Animals

We take in, rehabilitate, care for and rehome reptiles and amphibians.

We did it!

On 24th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £709 with 44 supporters in 28 days

Safe Haven Exotics C.I.C is a non-profit reptile rescue and rehoming centre. We are one of a few reptile rescues around the country. We, as many of the others are struggling to keep up with the number of animals which need help. Many of these animals are now being dumped into our wildlife and most if not all will not survive. We have been running since 2009 and since opening we have taken in so many
animals that we have had to move four times just to be able to accommodate the numbers. In August 2015 we finally found somewhere that is big enough to care for the animals we already have and we still have room to expand. At the moment we are caring for over 300 unwanted pets.
But, we are at risk of losing it all and having to close as we cannot find anywhere that will fund animal rescues.
We don’t expect to have every aspect paid for by others; we do a number of things to help raise money. We have opened a part of the centre as an educational zoo so families, schools, groups and other organisations.
We also offer experiences such as being a keeper for the morning so you can get a real insight into the work we do. We have a sponsorship programme so people can help towards the cost of a certain animal and we offer birthday parties.
We also offer invaluable work experience to school children who want to work with these animals in the future and college students who need a work placement to be able to complete their course.
Over the last couple of years we have had groups come in with learning difficulties and disabilities and they have been able to get a hands on experience here with us and many have said that they would never have been able to get this sort of experience anywhere else.
Despite everything we are currently doing we still don’t have enough funds coming in compared to the expenses going out. As you can imagine if costs a lot to care for all the animals we have and still coming in weekly.
Currently our food bill a month is £940, our electric averages £800 a month but both of these increases with every animal that comes in. Our vet bills are always different depending on circumstances. On top of these we have to buy light bulbs, UV tubes, substrate, vitamin powders, treatments etc.
So this is where you come in, we are asking for anything that you can spare, no matter how small an amount, it will all help. Any money raised will go towards keeping our centre open and caring for these animals.

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