Safe Access for Vulnerable Road Users

by Irene Roy in Otford, England, United Kingdom

Safe Access for Vulnerable Road Users
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To transform traffic dominated village and reclaim our village back, for residents, visitors, and especially for vulnerable road users.

by Irene Roy in Otford, England, United Kingdom

Otford is a rural Tudor village, near Sevenoaks in Kent.    Otford is a working village, with a busy High Street, shops and restaurants for all tastes   There are a wide range of activities to to suit all interests and plenty of sport and leisure facilities.   Otford also has a busy railway station providing fast trains to London in just over half an hour.  

Traffic dominates our village.  Traffic speeds are high and the volume of traffic makes it difficult and dangerous to access village amenities.  This is a particular problem for vulnerable road users.  We have a high percentage of elderly residents and three schools in the village.  Our pavements are narrow and we do not have footways for all to the centre of the village.   Many residents feel it is no longer safe to cross our roads to access village amenities or our bus stops or railway station leaving them feeling trapped at home and isolated.

We would like to invest in psychology traffic calming measures with safe pedestrian crossings so all our residents and visitors can enjoy what Otford has to offer.  We believe these measures are also vital for the survival of our shops and businesses who are struggling financially due to declining footfall.  Sadly, two of our shops and two pubs have already gone and we fear more might follow.   The consensus in the village is that our streets have become   unsafe and unattractive due to increasing traffic volume and speeds. 

We have carried out a traffic management study to assess traffic concerns and suitable solutions.  We have examined similar cases in other villages who have employed these techniques with great effect.    Otford is an historic village in an AONB  where conventional engineering techniques would not be suitable.  

Our local authorities are unable to help as there is no money available for such a projects.  We desperately need these measures for both our residents and the survival of our village which provides so much for so many people.

Please can you help?

Let's make 'Safe Access for Vulnerable Road Users' happen