Safari House Meat Connoisseurs

by Rumbi Mwanaka-Petrie in Enfield, England, United Kingdom


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Exclusive Wholesale Meats. Flavoured Burgers and Flavoured Meats. Safari House Meats have 13 years experience in the art of meat flavouring.

by Rumbi Mwanaka-Petrie in Enfield, England, United Kingdom


Dad grew up in the sub-Saharan African sunshine, and had the All-African experience; herding cattle with his brothers. At every given opportunity he taught us, his children to experience freedom in the countryside. He taught us the art of cattle rearing while on family holidays. Now in England he missed home and he missed the adventure, so he went to find cattle in the Great British Essex countryside. From then on, the adventure was reborn. In 2008 Dad opened a butchery in Enfield and taught us the family trade. 

Every time we worked at dad’s butchery, we kept asking dad to give us some mince from his special sausage meat mix. Heck most lunch times, burgers were on the menu. Why? Because most burgers are boring and dad’s mix makes wonders.


A sunrise and sunset on the savanna. A starry night sky with not a cloud in sight. The leap and prance of flavour with every bite. Face to face with the excitement of the purest of flavours. The best thing dad taught us in life is how to share. Dad’s mix is safari heaven and we have  come to share it with the world. We are Safari House Meats!

                                                  Our Vision


To share with the world the ultimate Taste-Bud Safari experience. We hereby introduce, the world of Safari Flavoured Meats. The possibilities are endless, from burgers to meatballs to lasagne to pies. The list goes on and on. Growth is inevitable with the amount of product expansion possible from our simple idea. Our growth also does not limit us to the hotel, restaurant and catering industries, but also extends to the supermarket scene, where there are also endless possibilities of their own.

                                Why do we need the money?

Just as a baby needs some milk at the beginning of life, we believe every business needs some capital to begin its life from those who see potential. 

The money raised from those who believe in Safari House Meats, will be used to launch the business at UK's largest hospitality and Food Service show at ExCel London from the 3rd of March to the 5th of March. Meetings with industry buyers will be set up on our behalf in order to maximise on the number of buyers we engage with. This ensures that there will be no time wasted cold-calling or speaking to uninterested persons or businesses. Post launch, the rest of the money will be used to ensure enough Marketing Content reaches the ideal customers as well as beginning logistics for our first deliveries.


                                               Our Team

We have a relatively small and very dedicated team comprising of 

  • CEO : Mrs Rumbi Mwanaka-Petrie with 13 years in the meat industry, who not only has experience running a butchery and expanding to an online business, but also on the front line actually cutting meat and making sausages and burgers. She is unafraid and a true force to be reckoned with.
  • General Manager, responsible for the day to day running of the business
  • A Marketing Manager with 10 years experience in the Marketing Industry. 
  • Logistics Manager responsible for ensuring all our products are compliant and reaching our clients in the best possible freshness and quality, in the timeliest of manners.
  • General Staff: 4 x staff members ready to start work at the word 'Go'.

 Logistics are quite simple at this stage. That is why we have quite a lot start up cost. We have a premise and machinery to get us started. We do however see a very bright future and will be looking to expand as soon as possible.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Exclusive to Investors only Reward

1kg of our Safari House Burgers delivered to your home.

£50 or more

£50 Exclusive to Investors Only Reward

2 x Deliveries of 3kg of our Safari House Burgers You will receive a 1kg sample of each of our flavoured burgers, making a total of 3kg for each delivery Original Flavour Garlic Infusion Chilli Spice

£500 or more

£500 Exclusive to Investors only Reward

3 x deliveries of our Exclusive to Investors only mix of Safari House Meats products. You will receive: 2kg Safari House Burgers (1kg Original Flavour and 1kg Garlic Infusion) 2kg Safari House Ready Mince to use as you like in Lasagne, For meatballs or just as they are... the possibilities are endless really.

£1,000 or more

£1000 Exclusive to Investors Reward

6 x monthly supply of our Safari House Meat Products Every month you will receive 1kg Original Flavour Safari House Burgers 1kg Safari House Garlic Infusion Burgers 1kg Safari House Chilli Spice Burgers 2 kg Safari House Ready Mince to make an number of meals ranging from meat balls to enchiladas to lasagne (please pick from the above flavours) 1kg Original Flavour Safari House Sausages (They make the meanest BBQ sausage EVER).

Let's make 'Safari House Meat Connoisseurs' happen

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