A writer struggles with his relationship with Doubt.

by Holly Willis in Norwich, Norfolk, England

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A dissatisfied writer confronts his image as a creator- exploring his complicated relationship with Doubt, a girl he met at one of his book signings. He is caught between writing something to appeal to the masses, and writing something true to himself. Through his relationship with Doubt, he begins to discover what truly matters to him as an artist- using his Doubt as inspiration. Sadboy is a short film which aims to discuss the way we project ourselves as individuals and creatives. 

Who are we?

We are group of second year students studying at Norwich University of the Arts, and as creatives this project deals with a subject that holds great significance to us. As we have developed as individuals and begun to find our artistic voices, we are confronted with an understanding of the film industry. There is an inner struggle we feel applies to many artists; expressing ourselves freely, while finding our place in a mass-entertainment industry. The aim of our film is to explore this inner-conflict in a visually engaging way.

The themes of this film are important to us, and we believe it is necessary to do this story justice, producing a film to the highest standard possible in order to get our message across. 

How can you help?

With your help, we aim to meet our initial target-budget of £1000. The money we raise will be used to create a unique and cinematic film, elevating the overall look of the production. The closer we get to our goal, the greater our means to enhance the quality of our film. This will help us fund our locations, costumes, props and actors- allowing us to achieve our creative goal. 

We hope that with your support, sharing and donating; you can help us bring our vision to the screen.

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Meet The Team


I’m Kris and I am the director for SAD BOY. Directing is something I have always had an interest in and I am really excited to take part in this project. Having just finished directing a documentary for the first time, I wanted to keep the things I had learned fresh in my mind as I transition onto this drama project, SAD BOY.

 SAD BOY is something I am incredibly excited to be a part of as it contains numerous challenges along the way. Our main character is wearing a mask, so that alone creates numerous things I must consider while on set to make this story the best it can be. We also intend to really push the visuals as far as we can go, really trying to make them unique to create an experience for the audience.


Hi I'm Holly and for our film “SADBOY”, I will be producing! Producing is seen to be the role that is purely there to fill out forms, get the locations, get the actors etc. On the surface it doesn’t seem very creative at all. However, what excites me most about this film, is that the locations and actors alone are crucial to the telling of the story. Therefore, as a producer, I am very keen to push for amazing locations, to really boost the production value of our film. For instance, one of the locations we need is a carousel. The fact that this will be difficult to get, is exciting to me as I want to be pushed and tested during this process. Likewise, as the audience cannot connect with our character through his facial expressions, due to the use of a mask, it is very important to me to cast someone who is still able to portray these emotions through body language. From this, I aim to cast a dancer, which is exciting as it is a new angle to work from. I feel that exploring this option will add to the more abstract elements of the film. For example, the way the dancer moves will exaggerate the way SADBOY is truly feeling, as opposed to the mask on his face. Overall, I am most excited to watch SADBOY come to life and to be a part of that. The whole process will be challenging, but if it wasn’t, what would be the point in making a film?

5825933f97746099f4ae03df4243d6ce7cb7bba5I'm Sky and I'm writing for SAD BOY as well as composing the soundtrack and working on the sound design. I've been working on several iterations of the script for the film, taking inspiration from films, poems and other media to best portray the themes we want for our film. The script that finally becoming the film we're making was co-written with a close friend of mine who works in writing screenplays and I hope through our collaboration, we've created the best way to tell the type of story we want to tell.  Though an ammeter writer, I feel like I've gained a lot of experience in this role and hopefully as a result, my open minded approach to it creates something interesting and new. 

As a sound designer, I also get to experiment more with the films presentation as well, an area that I have experience and keen interest in. this will be the first time I'd have composed a sound track for a film... or for anything for that matter! But I'm confident that with my personal experience and interest, I'll be able to create accompanying music that fits the films themes, mood and characters. In sound design, I'll be collaborating again, this time with Emma our production designer to create fitting foley and record on set sound that will hopefully, make sure that our editors life is a little easier.


Hi I'm Ayana and my role in the making of SAD BOY is the cinematographer. Cinematography has been something I’ve been quite interested in for a while, developing from a long past education involving the arts and film and since joining Norwich University of the Arts, I have been able to fully indulge myself in cinematography. This project is especially exciting for me as I love the idea of using a mask instead of the actor’s face, which will create quite a big challenge for me as I won’t be able to utilise his whole face and in turn, his facial expressions in order for the audience to understand his emotions. Nevertheless this will pave a new pathway for me as a cinematographer to use my skills and the equipment available to me to show these in a different way. It will rely heavily on tone to create a mood for the actor and audience to play off which is an interesting prospect for me.

I am also quite excited to lend myself to a project that I have a lot of faith in. In my head, I am think very visually, especially when it comes to emotions therefore I am loving taking on a challenge to try and construct a visual journey of emotion, which most people will be able to relate to. As a result it will be very interesting to see how others interpret (almost) my own thoughts and images.


I’m Emma and I am the production designer for SAD BOY. This makes me responsible for the set, the props and the costumes. I am very excited to bring the character of SAD BOY to life through all of these areas, but most importantly through his mask. I am very passionate about production design and I appreciate this most in the films that I watch. I have experience in this role from previous projects, so I feel very confident in my ability to make this film look the best that it can – I look forward to bringing mine and director Kris’ vision to life!

I am also working alongside Sky on the sound design. Again, this is something I have experience in from previous projects and I have definitely found a love for working in the studio to create foley sound. I think this is a very overlooked aspect of film so I’m looking forward to working on this to show how important it can be.


Hi, I’m Kirsten and I am the editor for our film production. My role allows me to use and advance my editing skills and practice to piece our story together into a finished short film.  I am very excited to assemble the vision into a reality, evoking the perfect amount of drama and emotion.  As I have previous experience working in this role I feel confident and excited for this brand new project, it will also offer me the opportunity to learn and grow as an editor.   I really look forward to working with my team to show you our film SADBOY.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more


A PDF, DIY mask of SADBOY, designed by our production designer, Emma.

£5 or more

SADBOY Badge & Copy of Film

You will receive, alongside the PDF DIY Mask, a custom made SADBOY badge and copy of the film (upon finishing its festival circuit).

£10 or more

SADBOY Stickers

In addition to the previous rewards, you will receive a set of custom made SADBOY stickers.

£15 or more

SADBOY Storyboard

In addition to the previous rewards, you will receive an exclusive copy of our storyboard.

£20 or more


In addition to the previous rewards, you will receive an exclusive copy of our script.

£30 or more

SADBOY Soundtrack

In addition to the previous rewards, you will receive an exclusive soundtrack from our film.

£40 or more


In addition to the previous rewards, you will receive a SADBOY poster.

£50 or more

SADBOY Patches

In addition to the previous rewards, you will receive a set of SADBOY patches.

£100 or more

SADBOY Concept Art

In addition to the previous rewards, you will receive SADBOY concept art designed by our production designer, Emma.

£200 or more


In addition to the previous rewards, you will receive a SADBOY t-shirt.

£300 or more


In addition to the previous rewards, you will receive a SADBOY zine, including exclusive pictures from behind the scenes.

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