Sad Girls Short Film Project

by JLM in London, England, United Kingdom

Sad Girls Short Film Project
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To raise money to shoot and edit the short film version of 'Sad Girls'.

by JLM in London, England, United Kingdom

In 2016 Troika Theatre first performed Sad Girls at Katzpace in London and later at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It's a story of three girls kidnapping a pop star - but really the core of the play is the friendships between the young women, their struggle of trying to find their way and what it's like being a young woman today.

Now we are working towards a short film which serves as both proof of concept material and a stand alone short. This will then be submitted to festivals as well as pitched to various terrestrial and VOD platforms as a six part series.

We've filmed all the material already and so the money would be used to pay for editing, grading and sound design. Any help would be greatly appreciated to help us bring this film to life!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

Sad Girls VIP

If you donate 100 or more we will provide free tickets for you and a friend to the first screening of Sad Girls once the film is made!

Let's make 'Sad Girls Short Film Project' happen