For the safety of my animals we need your help

by Leeroy Picarra Vanderwesthuizen in Clayton Le Woods, England, United Kingdom

For the safety of my animals we need your help


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On behalf of my mother Im looking to try raise funds to help her get a solar panel for electricity throughout the winter for the animals

by Leeroy Picarra Vanderwesthuizen in Clayton Le Woods, England, United Kingdom

I am starting this Crowdfunder page on behalf of my mother who has sacrificed it all to stay and take care of stray and rescued animals in Crete (Greece) she has sacrificed her life, time, money and chance to be with her family in order to continue taking care of as many sick, abandoned and stray cats that she possibly can. it is now coming in to winter and she does not have any electricity accept for a few cheap solar lights and candles. its becoming increasingly more difficult for her to continue caring for her animals safely in these conditions which is why we are appealing to your generosity today to try and help raise some funds for her to get a solar panel and battery installed so she can atleast have some light to do so.

you can follow her on her facebook page Isabel De Castro Cardoso

below is her story and plea.

Dear readers. 

Since 2009, after I came to Crete as a tourist, my life changed drastically. Seen so much stray cats and so much suffering,  I started to rescue them and providing them with a forever home. Several times I had to move house for their sake. First house many died with poison, 2nd house bad neighbours and though was a narrow urban road, many were killed on purpose by cars speeding disregarding the warning road boards I put on to reduce speed. 3rd house hunters with their dogs on the loose who came to  my house and took some of my cats. Police was on their side and against me. Looking desperately for a safe place for them and not having hardly money to feed them or to move, I found in the middle of nowhere a tiny house with a big 1000m2 land all fenced. It was an elderly couple's weekend house. Due to the death of the owner (man) the lady abandoned the place. I asked her to rent it to me, she agreed for a small rental payment of 150€ which my lovely son is helping me with. Here I have no neighbours no hunters and very few farmers driving passed, But the house doesn't have many living conditions and it's very tiny, 33m2 including bath and kitchen. 

 I have all my stuff outside under plastics canvas already half  torned by the cats. Now winter has started and the rains have been very heavy, therefore we have to spend most of the time cooped up inside the tinny house. I have no hot water and no electricity, I have 3 tiny solar panels outside and inside, and I use lights operated by batteries, no more candles as they too expensive but so are the batteries. So mostly I have only my head lamp with a USB port which I charge in the car lighter, or some times when I put the generator to use my computer at night.  There are electricity poles 100m away and the house was all prepared to have electricity. But was never done. The elect. Department wants €3000!! to put 3 poles and connect the cables to my house, are they crazy! So that's out  of the question. I don't have that amount of money. Therefore I'm opting for a bit more stronger solar panels which hopefully can provide me with lights as I can barely see anything at nigh in the house. It will not be enough to power my fridge neither the washing machine though, but that's ok. It is very important that I have lights as I live here all alone in the middle of the olive groves. This is the reason why I'm appealing to your generosity to help me buy the panels. I can buy a good 250W  2nd hand solar panel, with a special solar battery and inverter. I have the lights but could never afford the rest. 

They charge me 400€ for the all lot. 

Im not interested in anything for myself or any comforts but i would like to try and create a liveable surrounding so i can look after all my animals safely. 

Please would you help me raise the money to-be able to help and take care of them, and once again i have my lovely son who is helping me get this crowdfunder as he lives in the UK and i am unable to use from here.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for any assistance you can help me with. 

below is a photo of the solar panel that i require.



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