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Raising £40,000 to support enlightened agriculture & education projects at our stunning 40 acre community land project in Horam, East Sussex

We did it!

On 20th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £39,600 of £30,000 target with 164 investors in 42 days
Community Share Project

This share offer has been awarded the Community Shares Standard Mark (awarded by the Community Shares Unit to offers that meet national standards of good practice).

Our share offer target

Our initial target is £30,000. This is the minimum amount we need to raise in order to deliver our business plan with a few minor revisions, but our optimum target is £40,000 which will allow us to deliver our business plan without any changes.

Sacred Earth is a community land project which was set up in 2011 on the 40 acre site of an abandoned brickworks near the village of Horam in East Sussex. We are an organisation with social, educational, agricultural, ecological and therapeutic aims.

We're seeking investment of £40,000 from the community in order to raise capital to begin implementing our agricultural strategy and secure the future of the organisation. This will match £30,000 which we'll be receiving through the FEA Network's (Funding Enlightened Agriculture) Just Growth funding programme.

Sacred Earth is one of a number of UK organisations which is pioneering a significant shift in the way in which communities interact with the businesses, organisations and community institutions which serve them, a movement away from a “top down” approach to the way they are structured towards a more “bottom up” or “grassroots” way of doing things. In this model it’s possible for a customer of a business to also be an employee AND an owner! This is what community shares are all about.

Read our blog post "Top down, bottom up – competition, co-operation and community shares" for more information about how community shares are changing society for the better >>

Telling stories around the fireside at an Earth Steward Apprenticeship overnight camp

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Projects based at Sacred Earth

In addition to our own projects and programmes we also support entrant farmers, rural craft entrepreneurs and nature-oriented therapists by providing affordable access to land, tools and infrastructure as well as mentoring and project management support. Our vision is to create a thriving community of land stewards, farmers, therapists, teachers, students, apprentices and volunteers working together on the land, supporting one another and the local community in a variety of important ways.

Sacred Earth Biochar

The Sacred Earth Biochar Project benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions as well as regenerating soil.

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Sacred Seeds Herbal Project

Passionate about bringing herbs and herbal medicine into the everyday lives of the people we meet.

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Hathor Farm

Everything in nature is about balance and the farmer’s greatest challenge and responsibility is to maintain this balance.

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Making Ground

We believe that making is a fundamental human need. We want to take our making back to the source: the Earth.

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Earth Steward Apprenticeship

Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons. It is to grow in the open air, and to eat and sleep with the earth - Walt Whitman

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Other projects

We have lots more new projects in the pipeline including an Ecotherapy space, woodland crafts area and an online shop!

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Benefits and social impacts of the organsiation

Social/community benefits

Horam is a village with only a few communal institutions, and with a potential influx of thousands of new residents in the coming years, a community-focused organisation like Sacred Earth has the potential to provide an extremely important community service, a place which is not a church or a pub where people can gather, work and socialise together, forging important community bonds.

Educational benefits

Our conventional school system readily facilitates the development of IQ but is not so effective at nurturing other things which are important to healthy psychological development, such as EQ (emotional intelligence) and CQ (cultural intelligence). Sacred Earth's experiential education programmes are designed to address this disparity by nurturing these frequently under-developed areas of the psyche. Nature-based education has been proven to assist significantly in the integration of these different aspects of our personalities.

Agricultural benefits

A more localised food network is one which is more resilient to changes in global food prices and more supportive of local businesses, keeping money in the local economy and enabling local farms to thrive as opposed to barely survive. By championing these ideas, modelling alternative approaches to agriculture and providing a secure source of local food (meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit, medicinal herbs), Sacred Earth is taking practical steps to rebuild bridges between local food and local community.

Ecological/environmental benefits

At a time in history when we are facing the Sixth Mass Extinction, providing secure habitats for plant and animal life needs to be a priority for all responsible land owners and land stewards. Through the careful application of sensitive land management and sustainable agricultural techniques, we are working to regenerate what was once a polluted industrial site in order to create a flourishing and balanced ecosystem providing a home for countless plants, insects and animals.

Therapeutic/health benefits

With our focus on building strong community connections and the health benefits of developing a deeper relationship with the natural world through a variety of ecotherapeutic techniques (including simply providing a quiet space for people to sit and observe nature or working in our garden), Sacred Earth is working to address a mental health crisis which is impactingincreasingly on all our lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A share offer is much more than a crowdfunder. Who? What? Where? Why? How much? You have questions! We have answers! 

The underlying meaning of the word "sacred"

A message from Sacred Earth founder Phil Greenwood and wisdom from nature connection guru Jon Young.

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The Bigger Picture

Projects like this are pioneering a big shift in the way in which communities interact with the institutions which serve them.

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