Sack Boris: help bring back our ticketcard holders

by George in London, England, United Kingdom

Sack Boris: help bring back our ticketcard holders
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To bring back our Sack Boris ticket wallets, so everyone can show they want rid of our (very unfunny) joke of a Foreign Secretary in style.

by George in London, England, United Kingdom

Back in 2012, Boris Johnson had been Mayor of London for 4 years and was standing for another term. He'd done a terrible job, so we flooded London with tens of thousands of travelcard wallets. People really took to them: they were a great visible way of showing they wanted a change in how their city was run. We heard stories back about friendships which were born when commuters saw they both had SackBoris travelcard wallets. It was magical.

Sadly, we couldn't sack Boris in 2012, but fast forward five years and to the bafflement of pretty much everyone he's made it to one of the great offices of state. Boris Johnson is Britain's chief representative on the global stage, and what a horrific mess he's making of it.

In the nearly eighteen months he's been in his new post he has:

  • Told the Conservative party conference that the Libyan city of Sirte has a bright future as a tourist resort once "they clear the dead bodies away", prompting an official complaint from the Libyan government.
  • Referred to Africa as "that country".
  • Raised the prospect of increasing whisky exports to India on a visit to a Sikh temple in Bristol (alcohol is forbidden in the Sikh faith).
  • Compared former French president Francois Hollande to a World War II German general who wanted to inflict "punishment beatings".
  • Been asked by the British ambassador to Myanmar to stop reciting a poem about the British colonial rule of the country whilst on an official visit to its most sacred temple.
  • Invited ridicule for his comments asking whether prosecco or fish and chips would win an exports race after Brexit.

In his latest and possibly most serious offence so far, he told a parliamentary committee that British citizen Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe had been in Iran prior to her arrest to "teach journalism". Following the remark Zaghari-Ratcliffe was informed by a court that her sentence could be doubled to ten years.

This time around we can Sack Boris. No one deserves their P45 more. Join others to help us make the case loud and proud that it's time for Boris Johnson to go.


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You'll be among the first to receive two new Sack Boris travelcard wallets when they're made, one in each exciting colour.

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You'll receive 25 Sack Boris travelcard wallets in our two exciting colours, and a vintage "Sack Boris" t-shirt from the 2012 campaign.

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