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This boy needs a chance. Sacha Wylie is a potential future Formula One star!! He needs your help.

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Dear Crowdfunders,

This project is all about dreams, equality, and fairness. Sacha Wylie is an ordinary boy with an extraordinary dream...... to become a Formula One driver.  And we know, as his parents, that many, many, other boys have the same dream. The difference here, is that we did not believe in that dream when he announced at the tender age of 5yrs that he wanted to do what he saw Michael Schumacher doing in the Brazilian Grand Prix that day in 2011. "OK" we said, "we will get you in a Kart one day and you can see what it's like" ...... trying to dampen the boys enthusiasm.  Thereafter, he pestered us on a regular basis to fulfill our promise, until one day 2 yrs later we decided to search Google and try and find a track here in the wilds of rural south west France. Fat chance of that!!! To our utter utter surprise, ex French Formula One driver Jean-Pierre Beltoise had built a brand new €20 million test and kart track not 20 minutes from our house

The day came for his first drive and he took to it like a duck to water, and thereafter followed a further two years where he beat any driver who came near him, including the instructors!! We were then told he 'might' have something original so it was time to have him checked out. The job fell to Dan Faulkner ex scout from the McLaren Formula One team. The news was good and bad. Yes, he did have something special, but it was going to cost a lot of money. We were a bit shocked! Get him to race in England the wisdom said, put him with some of the best up and coming drivers in the world. We agreed, and funded five races with the modest aim for him to win Best Novice in all five. To our great surprise, this was no problem for him and he achieved the target comfortably beating some very experienced drivers along the way.

With the total sum of over £20,000.00 already spent on his career so far, family funds have run dry - flights, hotels, car hire, race fees, the kart, mechanics, team fees, had taken their toll. The wisdom said "he needs two seasons of competition to prove the promise" and this is where we are now. So the aim for 2018 is to enter him into the SUPER ONE SERIES which is the leading kart competition in the UK for Sacha's class and is heavily covered by the Motorsport press and MOTORS TV. The target - to achieve a top ten placing by the end of the series. Running from March through to September, a good performance here is a pre requisite for any aspiring F1 driver.

We now believe Sacha has the determination, courage, and skill to go all the way and seeing him race is a heart stopping, adrenalin laced, pleasure and torment. It will require a Herculean effort, a family tenacity never seen before, just to put him in England at the right place at the right time, and we are pleased to say he has the full support from his school here in France.

Formula One is fantastically exciting, and is the true expression of man and machine in perfect harmony, but it is notoriously difficult to enter. We think it's time for an ordinary boy to make his mark!!! We believe that this is a journey for one young boy to try and achieve his dreams and we want you to come along for the ride. By helping him, you will also become part of our hopes, expectations, joy, and ultimately share in the success he so richly deserves. We (Sacha included) take this very seriously and will want to meet everyone of you who will take part in this incredible project.


But don't take our word for it - hear Sacha explain in his own words on the attached video.!!! 

Many thanks,

Kim and Katrina



All funds raised will go towards costs mentioned in the background story above. Also included will be training costs. The sum required will fund the first of two years competition during which further company sponsorship will be sought for 2020 season. Thank you!


If your company is interested in further sponsorship opportunities with Sacha, please contact us for details.

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