S.H Tech

S.H Tech

The aim is to fund a electronics start up for a young tech entrepreneur

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am 21 years old and I have always been fascinated with repairing and fixing consumer electrical items and gadgets. I would also be disassembling and reassembling old iPods and mobile phones.

I have recently decided to turn my passion and hobby fixing goods for friends and colleagues into a successful business.

I would like to use the investment for expansion of my current workspace as I am currently working out of my property and would like to rent somewhere more suitable to accommodate all my equipment.

I believe by also investing in advertising and getting my brand out there more will enable my business to grow as so far I am relying on word of mouth and client referrals due to not having the funds to do this

I hope you can all help a young entrepreneur on my journey to take a hobby and fascination and turn it into a profitable business